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It rained…

by Clare Mansell
It rained…

We have had rain at last. So all the desert dust that was hanging around in the atmosphere is now streaked down our windows and splattered all over my car – but at least we can breathe safely again!

The dogs are not enjoying the wind and rain though. Macy was sulking at the top of the stairs this morning. Although I think maybe she was just guarding the upstairs from the Little Dog and Oscar the Pointer who is staying with us for a week. They have been running round like maniacs, and Macy doesn’t always approve.

This photo also shows off our nasty army issue carpet. It comes in 4 colours. Depending on the quarter you are allocated you either get beige, blue, green or terracotta. I dream of getting the beige one day… Well actually I dream of a life entirely devoid of carpets – but that’s a long way off, the army are obsessed with it – So for now I just dream of having a colour that vaguely matches the mud the dogs bring in from the garden.

This weekend I need to crack on with some sewing. Do you remember the springtime colours? Those squares of fabric are taking shape as my first snowball quilt. I need to get it finished soon because the next project is my parents quilt and I have just 4 weeks to complete it before I go back to the UK for Easter. I am also doing a craft swap with my neighbour Laura, she’s taken a shine to the cushions I made last weekend… why are there always more projects than time?

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Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics February 26, 2010 - 1:52 pm

Macy is so cute! Good luck with your snowball quilt, looks amazing so far, I love the colours.

Lululiz February 26, 2010 - 3:14 pm

Your Macy is one gorgeous girl, just look at that beautiful face and those gorgeous eyes!

Little Island In The Med February 26, 2010 - 3:53 pm

And I forgot to add that yes, that is mud on her nose! What me? Digging in the garden? But how did you find out! :-O


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