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Hello summer!

by Clare Mansell
Hello summer!

This weekend the weather in Cyprus has been significantly warmer, and although it is only the middle of March, it has suddenly felt like summer has arrived. The temperature in the middle of the day today reached 28c, so the summer clothes are back out again and we are once again eating breakfast on our little terrace at the front of the house.

Coincidentally (or not?) our first two visitors of the summer also booked their trips this weekend and I have another three friends who I’m hoping will visit in June. We still have a fairly small social circle here, so it’s lovely having visitors and it also provides much needed impetus to our garden makeover.

Talking of which, we had an extremely productive shopping trip on Saturday, where we bought a barbecue and some garden furniture. We missed out on a second hand barbecue and some furniture last week, but brilliantly our purchases yesterday actually cost us less than we would have paid for the second hand stuff and I prefer it. The furniture will be delivered tomorrow, whilst Jim is on a course at the other end of the island, so I may attempt to assemble it myself…

This weekend also involved the usual things. Cushions…

(This pair are for a BARC raffle next week. The fabric is Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley in Azure)
(This one is my husband’s special request made from fabric he brought back from a detachment to Kenya in 2008)
Lunch at the mess in the sunshine…

With the first Brandy Sours of the summer…

And taking excitable dogs to the beach…

Hope you also had a good weekend wherever you are…

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Lululiz March 14, 2010 - 4:59 pm

28C!!! It will be ages yet before we even get close to those temps here in the UK, lol.

Susanna March 14, 2010 - 5:17 pm

Oh bliss! I want some Summer, now – even a bit of Spring would do. So tired of being cold and trying to be optimistic about the bits of sunshine that break through every now and then.

Ninny March 14, 2010 - 5:17 pm

Whether summer has officially arrived or not, looks like sommertime fun already has! Sigh, I am envious!



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