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A productive weekend

by Clare Mansell
A productive weekend

Wow! What a weekend! Here in Cyprus, we have been waiting for the “switch” – the sudden permanent change in the weather to summer, and right on schedule, it seems to have arrived. 27c this weekend and brilliant blue skies.

The newly arrived warmer weather has also awakened our productivity. On Saturday we did one of those jobs we can’t work out why we didn’t do six months ago, we painted the fridge! Yes, we *painted* the fridge. Until we arrived here, I didn’t even know you could paint fridges! It’s amazing the skills that military life equips you with…

When we arrived on the island, our house contained a military issue fridge, the exterior of which bore the scars of several years use in a humid country, it had started to rust and the front looked filthy. This photo doesn’t really show how bad it looked…

We were stuck with it, and no amount of cleaning improved its appearance. I bought a tin of fridge paint several months ago, but worried what I’d do if the results weren’t good – I didn’t want to end up being charged for a replacement when we move out! So the paint sat in the cupboard… and then this weekend we finally cracked..

Just look at the improvement!! I am a fridge paint convert, the entire thing only cost €3 to do!

As if the fridge transformation wasn’t enough, we also kitted ourselves out with gardening equipment and planted our first few pots on the patio. It’s amazing how a few bits of colour and life can transform a space…

A weekend of painting and gardening… I had forgotten how good it can feel to do normal things, the kind of things you don’t do when you live in military quarters and move every two years…

And then to top it off I even managed to fit in a little bit of quilting, this project is one of the things on my sewing list – a present for a baby who was born last week. It should be finished by midweek…

Hope you had a productive and creative weekend…

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~Kim~ April 18, 2010 - 8:03 pm

The flower at the start of your post is just exquisite!! And, I never knew that you could paint a fridge either–WOW!! It again shows what a difference a coat of paint can make! Glad you’ve had a nice weekend!!

Tabiboo April 19, 2010 - 6:11 pm

I never knew you could paint fridges – I guess you learn something new everyday.

Looks like you had a fab weekend though – painting and all and 27c!!

Nina xxx

Karen April 20, 2010 - 12:15 am

The fridge looks great! I’m looking for bits of color myself, but nothing has come home with me yet.


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