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Maybe Baby quilt

by Clare Mansell
Maybe Baby quilt
Maybe Baby quilt

So this is the second class sample quilt which I finished earlier this week. It is designed to be a more traditional example of patchwork quilting. The patterned fabric is another Japanese import made by Kokka and mixed in with some Kona cotton and Moda Bella squares. This is quilt number nine for me this year, I can hardly believe it myself!

Maybe Maybe quilt fabric detail

I completed it just in time to find out the class is no longer going to run! I had four keen students and others who various reasons didn’t make the sign-up, couldn’t make the class timings or only spoke up when it was cancelled! There seems to have been a general learning apathy this term, GCSE courses and home furnishing also got the chop.

However not easily defeated, I am instead going underground and rounding up the aspiring quilters for some unofficial sessions, which means less pressure on me as a teacher too… As long as I get some crafting time I’m happy!

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Jenny September 11, 2010 - 11:02 pm

Pity about the class, just as well I hadn’t booked any flights. Still running your own sessions is a good idea, they will be all the better for being smaller and less formal. The baby quilt is adorable.


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