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The first week

by Clare Mansell
The first week
My first full week in Scotland is already complete! As with all postings our new home has come complete with its own set of demands on our pockets and at times it has felt impossible to leave the house without spending a minimum of a couple of hundred pounds.
Our shopping list this week has included a fridge/freezer, a tumble drier, 16 lampshades, three boxes of picture hooks, a bathroom cabinet, shelving for the garage, a ladder, covers for the garden furniture, a kitchen bin, stocking a larder again from scratch, and a hundred small items I’d already struggle to name.
No two military quarters are the same, or come equipped with the same stuff, so what is supplied with one, is an expense waiting to happen in the next. I’m sure after about 20 years we’ll have everything we could possibly need, but at the moment each move still comes with a few nasty surprises!
It’s a good job there have been a few cheap thrills this week too! Like signing up to our lovely local library which is right on the edge of a park, and hires CDs and DVDs as well as books, and discovering miles of good dog walks through the picturesque Quarrel Wood which is minutes from our house. One of the great perks of Scotland in the summer is the longer than average days. At the moment it gets dark nearly an hour later here than on the south coast, so we’ve been having some lovely evening walks and very late suppers!
On Monday Jim starts his new job, and though I haven’t quite got my head round it, I won’t be joining him! My maternity leave starts at the end of the month and I’ve used my annual leave to bridge the gap between leaving Cyprus and its start, so until August I am a lady of leisure with the beautiful Scottish countryside to explore and plenty of crafting projects to keep me busy – not too much of a hardship I’m hoping!
PS – If you are interested to see our house, I am opening up the permission on my Flickr set over the weekend so anyone can view, but will restrict it to friends and family again on Monday. Feel free to have a peak…

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ May 14, 2011 - 1:43 am

Hi Clare! THANKS for giving us a peak into your new home, that I think is really lovely!! My favorite is the kitchen with all the light and lots of room and cabinets too! I’m glad you’re going to have a break to explore your new home, get things done inside before your new addition arrives! Take care!! I hope you’re getting your rest too!! 🙂


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