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Margaret’s quilt

by Clare Mansell
Margaret’s quilt
Margaret's Quilt 6

After too many distractions, my first quilt of this year is finished. As I hinted in an earlier post there is a bit of a story attached to the making of this quilt.

I have made it for my HypnoBirthing coach, Margaret. Many years ago, before I had even met my husband, somewhere online, or in the papers, I came across the idea of hypnotherapy being used in natural birthing and I decided when my time came, I too would use it.

Margaret's Quilt 4

Many years and countries have passed us by since I first heard of it and with each new posting I have researched where the courses were available locally, just in case. Sometimes great distances would have been involved, sometimes the prices were high, but always there was a way we could have made it work – just. But our baby knew a thing or two, and it decided to wait till we got to Scotland, just 10 minutes down the road from a HypnoBirthing coach, before it would be born.

Margaret is a retired midwife with a great gift for making people feel at ease. The midwifery team locally know her well and fully support her method of teaching and everyone I have met who knows her, responds with a great deal of enthusiasm when her name is mentioned.

Margaret's Quilt 3

Where my official care has been a little haphazard (partly due to moving countries, partly due to the modern NHS) Margaret has provided some old-school consistency of care. We’ve had 5 classes with her (and another couple) and will have another one shortly before the baby is due. I have also asked, and I am hoping, that she will also be able to attend the birth.

I won’t know for some weeks if the HypnoBirthing will deliver the calm easy birth that it promises, but I do know that I have enjoyed every minute of the course and that we are both better informed and more confident for having attended it, so this quilt is just a small way of saying thank you. 

Margaret's Quilt 5

Now the quilt-related info…

This is a single size quilt, made with Moda Arcadia charm squares and cream cotton, in half square triangles and it’s bordered with Ecru linen. It’s actually exactly the same fabric and squares as this quilt, I have just arranged the blocks in a different way. I have a circle quilt I’m working on next, but I think I’ll be coming back to half square triangles for the quilt after next, they are so verstaile and easy to work with.

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Gill June 29, 2011 - 7:46 pm

I’d happily give you some insight and tips on pregnancy and giving birth in return for something so lovely…..can’t guarantee it would make you feel as happy and glowing as Margaret clearly does but I reckong it’d be a fair swap 😉

Kathy July 4, 2011 - 12:14 pm

This is gorgeous, and I love the way you have arranged the squares. The quilting has created a great textural/3D effect. Well done you!
I have a Moda charm pack in-waiting and something like this might be just the ticket!

Pining for the highlands….Kathy


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