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Visiting Beagle

by Clare Mansell
Visiting Beagle
We’ve had an extra Beagle in the house today. I’m a sucker for saving a dog from a long day stuck at home alone, so when her owner’s dog walker let her down, I said we’d look after her. The plan was not to walk any of the three dogs until the husband came home from work in the afternoon, but the hounds were having none of that!
So instead I went out in the rain with the bump, and 3 dogs on leads that got continually twisted round each other. Did they come back and then spend the rest of the day quietly resting? Did they heck…
Do not be fooled by those cute puppy dog eyes, after a day of emptied bins, barking at workmen and rearranging our possessions, this dog has made me realise how well trained our two really are!

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