Home quilting WIP Wednesday (November 2nd)

WIP Wednesday (November 2nd)

by Clare Mansell
WIP Wednesday (November 2nd)

Normally I’m strictly a one-quilt-at-a-time girl. I start them, work obsessively, finish and then pack away all the fabric. However with Christmas on the way there are about 100 different projects on the go at the moment and with no husband to reign me in, I confess that things have become a little more chaotic than usual with quilts in progress in several rooms in the house.

My first work in progress is a Christmas present, so frustratingly is going to have to remain under wraps for a couple of months, but I will say this much, it’s from a pattern (for I think the first time ever!) it has an animal theme and (most importantly) I love it…

Bow Tie Quilt in progress (3/10)

Quilt number two is my go-slow project. A bow tie quilt intended for the bed in the spare room. The idea behind this is (1) to use up scraps and (2) to take a really long time doing it to keep me out of mischief while Jim is in Afghanistan. I’ve completed 15 squares so far and I need over 100 to finish it, so one way or another you’ll be seeing a LOT of this quilt slowly coming together over the winter.

WIP - Double Dresden Plate

Quilt number three is also new territory, for the first time I’m making a quilt as a wall hanging. The completed quilt will be 35 inches square with a double (or possibly triple) colour wheel Dresden plate at the centre and something else (I’m undecided) around the outside. I’m waiting for more fabric in the mail at the moment which is why it’s looking a bit patchy.

The right kind of quilt hanger for the finished quilt (or in fact ANY kind of quilt hanger) has proved difficult to source in the UK, but I did find this woodwork tutorial for a hanger which was exactly like I wanted, so I sent it to my dad and I’m hoping he might whip it up for Christmas. The last thing I asked him to make was a sound-proof booth for a home studio… He likes a challenge!

And finally, a look at some of the (mainly quilting) images that have been inspiring me in the last month on Flickr. I’m going to do this at the end of every month now as part of my WIP Wednesday post, wouldn’t you love a sewing room like the one top right?

1. Color Study: Log Cabin 2 ~ 2007, 2. [workinprogress], 3. Pillow Talk {Swap} Received, 4. sewing space 2, 5. The (not so) Scrappy Mug Rug, 6. Zoomy Dresden Plate, 7. Dresden plate mini quilt, 8. [workinprogress], 9. The Pillow Talk { Swap } Round 6, 10. Applique tote bag, 11. bow tie quilt, 12. bow tie quilt, 13. do.Good Stitches–June BLISS circle., 14. go! baby. mini quilt., 15. Laura’s Wedding Quilt, 16. 5 x 4 Blocks – Hive 12

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Janine November 2, 2011 - 9:14 am

I love your bow tie quilt and the Dresden plate wall hanging. Your flickr mosaic is fab too!

Lauren November 2, 2011 - 9:16 am

Clare I love the circular quilt. It struck me that the same idea would work, adapted slightly to create a really unusual door wreath for Christmas. May explore that one further. I need ideas like these that use up small pieces and scraps as my stash is ever increasing. Thanks for the inspiration!

A Home In The Highlands November 2, 2011 - 9:42 am

Lauren, awesome idea! I’m now wondering how much red and green fabric I have! 🙂

Elizabeth D. November 2, 2011 - 11:12 am

Love the color wheel progress and your bow-ties look like a lot of fun so far 🙂

Kerstin November 2, 2011 - 12:57 pm

I tried to be a one quilt at a time girl, I think it lasted for about two weeks… your projects look great so far, I like that they are so colorful!

Laura November 2, 2011 - 12:59 pm

Gorgeous work, lovely blog!

randi November 2, 2011 - 1:34 pm

wonderful bow-ties!

Archie the wonder dog November 2, 2011 - 7:55 pm

Love the bow tie and Dresden blocks and the mosaic is a really good idea – full of wonderful projects!

Kelli November 2, 2011 - 11:11 pm

The bowties are cute, LOVE the color wheel, can’t wait to see it come together (following now), and I think I could stare at that mosaic all day! :o)

M-R November 3, 2011 - 2:20 am

That Dresden plate wall hanging is looking fabulous. So fresh and modern! I’m also loving the look to your bowtie quilt. Great stuff!

Tsoniki Crazy Bull November 3, 2011 - 2:47 pm

I love the dresden quilt! Great colors. I’ve seen a pattern for the same thing in a book I just got from the library, and I plan on making it someday. Hahaha


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