WIP Wednesday (11th Jan 2012)

First WIP Wednesday of the year and I’m going to use this one to kickstart my quilting after a month long break, and also to talk about my love of Kona solids…

Kona colour chart

Last month I bought myself a Christmas present of a Kona colour chart. I’d been put off buying one because they are (1) Really hard to find in the UK and (2) Quite pricey. However when it arrived I realised exactly why they charge what they do for them! It’s huge (each fold-out side is A4) and all those colours are not printed on to the card, but are actual fabric swatches!

It’s been a revelation and I am so glad I bought it. I do most of my fabric shopping online and matching fabrics as been nigh on impossible, but now I can do it precisely. First job with the colour card was to match the fabric at the centre of my triple dresden to a Kona solid, which I did exactly, it’s Kona Raisin!

Triple dresden on Kona raisin

So, I’ll be getting on with this later in the week…

Then I was able to turn my attention to a new quilt. My parents have two quilts on their sofa and want a third (it’s a BIG sofa!) Using the colour card I matched colours from both quilts and their curtains and I’m going to use them to make Oh Fransson’s New Wave quilt. This is what I have so far…

Kona solids for new wave quilt

For any Kona solids fanatics out there, that’s School Bus, Sage, Blue & Pond. The orange does look a little random in that pile, but I also have Paprika and Lemon on order… It’ll all make sense in the end… I hope!

And one last thing, another quilting purchase. Have you seen the Gypsy Grippers that you can buy to hold your ruler steady? I thought they were great, but (certainly round our way) kind of pricey, until my brilliant dad pointed out that a double dent puller would do the same thing! It was a FIFTH of the price! You could also use a bath support handle which are slightly smaller and less industrial looking…

As always I’m linking up today with other quilters via Freshly Pieced…

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