Theo at 5 months

Theo - 5 months & 9 days

Another month has passed in the life of Theo Boy!

He continues to be a very bonnie chap. Sleeping and feeding well and engaging with anyone anywhere who’ll give him a smile (he particularly likes the ladies in our local post office!)

He is becoming increasingly aware of the dogs and squeals with delight when he spots them in the mornings. For their part, I have obviously done far too good a job of telling them to stay away from him early on, because most of the time they steer clear of him. However, when they do come close enough to lick his fingers, or for him to touch their fur, a great grin bursts across his face. What will they make of each other, once he becomes mobile?

Oscar & Theo
Theo & his little friend Oscar

He is still growing rapidly and has just grown out of the snowsuit I bought him at Christmas (6 weeks wear!) which means lengthwise he’s into 9-12 month clothes, which is the same as our friend’s 11 month old baby girl – Gosh!

I’m still dabbling with weaning, but as he’s not sitting up properly yet, it’s just a taster of purees once a day, which sometimes he wants, and sometimes he doesn’t. Like a lot of things I’ll be tackling it with more purpose once Jim’s got home and I’ve less on my plate.

And the keen-eyed amongst you may notice he’s quite a bit fairer than when he was born! Most of the dark hair he was born with disappeared, and grew back blonde, I wonder if it will last…

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