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A dog that sits still…

by Clare Mansell
A dog that sits still…
Molly Dog - Duffus Castle

We had a doggy visitor today. Our friends Heidi & Billy are moving away from the military patch into their own house <sigh> and so Molly came to visit us for a few hours while the removal men were doing their job.

Unlike our two dogs, Molly will actually sit still to have her photo taken – especially if there is a ball that might be thrown included in the scenario! She also doesn’t roll in mud or run round with seaweed hanging from her mouth, which definitely helps. She was extremely well behaved with Theo too, who spent most of the day trying to grasp her wagging tail (without success) and playing tug of war with her – at her insistence.

Meanwhile her owners are settling into their own home tonight, something that we are all a teeny bit jealous of. Now they will be able to paint the walls a colour other than magnolia, hang more than six pictures in a room and plant things in their garden. One day, one day!

PS – For my Nova Scotian friends, look at that grass!!

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Jeanette April 26, 2012 - 1:01 am

Yes, the grass is a beautiful green! But you’d be surprised, I have tulips blooming (a bit) in the back and even a few dandelions (not that that’s a good thing) in the front yard. The seaweed comment is too funny, just means your dogs have lots of personality!

Donna April 26, 2012 - 4:24 am

This dog is so gorgeous! I want to say that dogs are like kids in that our friend’s dogs (kids) behave better at our homes than they do at their own. Except that I know my dogs, despite many books and hours of watching the Dog Whisperer, are just hopelessly ill- behaved. So now I just say it’s part of their charm! I hope you get your someday home sooner rather than later, but sounds like Theo’s quite happy where he is. 🙂


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