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Theo at 8 months

by Clare Mansell
Theo at 8 months

With Theo’s eight month birthday he reaches a milestone – I’m pleased to say he can at last sit up… although he still wobbles and crashes sometimes.

He is embracing solids with great enthusiasm, it really astonishes me how much he can eat. I’m sure there are many grown adults how eat less for breakfast than he does! His favourite meals at the moment are spinach pasta (an Annabel Karmel recipe known as “Popeye Pasta”) and Courgette Gratin – both smell great when they are being cooked! We have just ordered a new freezer for our garage to create more space for a rotating stock of little boxes of Theo food (and quite a lot of homebaked bread.) He eats a banana a day too and will make a grab at almost anything that anyone else is having. Apparently this is pretty typical of boys? I only have experience of this chap, so know no different…

Daddy does teatime

Having been getting out and about a bit more since Jim has been home it has also struck me that not every baby smiles and giggles their way through the day. Again it is only what I’m used to, and I just assumed every baby was like that, but Theo really rarely stops laughing – what a funny boy he is! Or maybe he just thinks his parents are really hilarious!?

The arrival of some belated Christmas presents has also seen an influx of new toys in the house and he is exhibiting excellent taste! His favourites are a wooden bear charm from Germany (a gift when he was born that clips onto his clothes) some soft fabric cubes my sister made, and a handmade sock monkey we bought in Canada. All of which sound quite strange, but crucially they are all handmade! The plastic toys make great noises, but are apparently not quite as alluring at the moment – That’s my boy!

Seasoned traveler

And finally he is still sleeping well. He wakes up around 7am, has a morning nap at about 10am, a couple of hours at lunchtime and in bed by 6:30pm. He even slept through most of our most recent flight to Inverness. It was flight number six for him, just over an hour long between England and Scotland, but as you can see he’s very laid back about air travel these days – He even reached out and helped himself to an infant seatbelt as we boarded!

So with all that sleeping you’d think mummy would be updating her blog a bit more? Oh dear, where do the days go?

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would like to be a yummy mummy May 1, 2012 - 1:14 pm

Sounds and looks like a little angel. he really is a cutie x

Nancy May 2, 2012 - 11:08 pm

Life is such a blur when you have a young baby. The amount of growth and development that happens in those first 12 months is amazing. Theo looks so content and well loved – his menu is better than mine!!! I love the homemade toys – and I know those monkeys well. They are so fun. Did you get yours at the local Halifax market? By the way the grass is now green in Halifax and my rhododendron is blooming. And the dandelions are parading along my lawn.

Magnolia Verandah May 4, 2012 - 11:45 pm

Good to see a healthy appetite, a good sleeper and a happy nature. Probably a product of his environment – you are blessed.


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