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Nine months and counting…

by Clare Mansell
Nine months and counting…
Summer's here!

Theo is now three-quarters of the way through his first year of life and crawling! One Tuesday morning about three weeks ago he suddenly worked out how to shuffle his legs forwards and he was off. We now spend most of our days pulling him away from the broadband router, the fake coals in the fire, the stack of cookery books in the kitchen or the cord of the iron. Why is it that with all the experience and money behind the big toy brands, no one has yet invented something that is more alluring than the forbidden things in a house?

Although the summer has generally been disappointing so far, there have been a few warm days to get him out in the garden, an experience which has met with mixed results! He’s still extremely unsure about the feel of grass on his skin and left on a rug will remain marooned until someone returns to save him!

On the move and causing trouble...

With a new way to burn off energy he’s appetite seems endless. As his menu expands, we even tried him on a recipe containing lamb’s liver (much to Jim’s horror!) and he seemed to love it. Bouncing up and down in the high chair, murmuring sounds of appreciation!

Talking of high chairs, as I mentioned a while ago, around Christmas I took on the task of repainting our inherited Tripp Trapp high chair. It very rapidly turned into one of those things I wish I had never started! I bought two types of paint (spray and regular) and two types of sandpaper and spent most of the winter trying to get a proper finish on it, and failed. So Jim came home from Afghanistan and took over, he bought an electric sander, undid all my work and then varnished it. Four months, a lot of money and effort later (and with the addition of a £50 play tray and £30 harness) we ended up with a chair that looked identical to the one we had when we started – Gah!

All of this was even more frustrating when we saw the high chair my mother bought for him to keep at their house, which cost £15 from Ikea! The moral to this story is if you are ever in need of a high chair, and are near an Ikea, simply do not bother even considering anything other than the Antilop Chair, I cannot fault it!

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Magnolia Verandah June 7, 2012 - 12:25 pm

What a happy chappy! A boy who appreciates his mum’s cooking!

Diane-crewe June 7, 2012 - 4:08 pm

love the hat … and the smile xx

Would Like To Be a Yummy Mummy June 8, 2012 - 9:45 am

Wow, 9 months already!! The time has flown by and he really is gorgeous with such a cheeky smile. Life will never be the same now he is on the move though 🙂 x

Archie the wonder dog June 8, 2012 - 7:03 pm

He’s so cute!!!

mumasu June 9, 2012 - 7:34 am

I forget so quickly. My nephew is 10 months and my youngest is 11 so not so long you would think. Nowadays, I only put the ironing board away when he comes otherwise it is a fixture. But the baby comes in and then I suddenly panic about all the things I still haven’t lifted high enough or moved.


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