So close, yet so far away…

Wheat grains
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

The last couple of days of my course at West Dean went well. On Saturday the sun came out and we spent the morning on an assignment at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. It’s the kind of thing I have done a hundred times before for radio, but this time I had to reeducate my brain to look for pictures and not listen for audio. So the main interview became a “general view” photo and vox pops became close up pictures – simple! 

By the end of the weekend I honestly felt like there couldn’t have been a better course personally designed for me and where I am right now. Given that the timing worked out so well for our trip down south and that it was the first time they had run it, I was pretty lucky!

However, flying back to Scotland on Sunday was not straight-forward. After first discovering my driving license had flown 24 hours ahead of me (in Jim’s wallet) I then lost my boarding pass in departures and finally endured an hour delay to the flight with absolutely no information (though not as bad as Jim & Theo’s 7 hour delay the day before!) It was almost as if fate was trying to stop me going back…

And guess what? After all that time learning how to sell photos of a news story, the very next day my home village hit the headlines with torrential rain and flooding! Can you imagine how frustrating that was? Have a look at my mum’s Flickr photostream to get an idea of what I missed out on!

So back in Scotland I’m now on the lookout for a good photo story. Preferably one that fits around childcare and isn’t too far away – Not too much to ask surely?!

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