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WIP Wednesday (15th May 2013)

by Clare Mansell
WIP Wednesday (15th May 2013)

A bit confused...

I’m not good at taking any length of time to complete a sewing project, because it often allows me time to go off the design between starting and finishing it.

I’ve suffered this problem more acutely than usual with my Pillow Talk cushion as I’m making it to accommodate someone else’s tastes. I’ve now finished the front (second make) and started the back, and still I take it out every day or so and think I’ll scrap it and start again. 

PillowTalk back

I finally plucked up the courage to post it in the group pool on Flickr today and received lots of positive feedback. So maybe it’s just me?

Whilst I wait for my partner to comment I think I shall distract myself with a project for me. Perhaps the long overdue, much put-off quilt for our bedroom?

I have also had designs of other kinds occupying my mind this week. On Monday we agreed the plans for the first floor extension and external makeover to our bungalow. Those of you who follow me on Flickr may remember me posting a  picture of our architect’s embryonic squiggle which he drew at the kitchen table when we met back in February. Judging by the lack of comments I think most people struggled to see much to get excited about! But I could see right from the start that he understood what we wanted, and now we have a much more official looking set of plans stuck to the fridge…

House plans

If you detect a slight North American influence in the design, it will probably be no surprise to learn that we spent the first two years of our married life living in a village full of weather boarded houses in Alberta in Canada, and we have dreamed of recreating a home like that ever since.

Mature student...

And on yet another design note, I have been accepted onto the college course I applied for, so from September three days a week I shall be studying graphic design and photography. I can’t wait…

And finally a quick reminder to my UK readers, to pop back for a photographic giveaway here later in the week…

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Liz DandeliondD May 15, 2013 - 6:16 pm

Your cushion components are stunning.
I wish I was in that swap.
House looks exciting and the course too.

Nancy May 16, 2013 - 10:47 am

I love the plans for your house – there are advantages to building/renovating because all the things that drove you crazy in previous ones you can address – like no front hall closet, no kitchen pantry, hardwood in the front hall not ceramic, no shelving in the entry for book bags (you’ll get there I promise)and…. The nice part is you have a really beautiful fun exterior – it will look like it was always meant to be that style. I built one in Petawawa and did not select the right roof shape – my kids felt it was the ugliest one on the block (soooo honest). So I think the architect idea is great. I would have benefited from that advice. Going back to school – I did it twice (38 yo – I took my Bachelor of Education) and 42 – 47 (Master’s in Nursing). Both were great experiences and I appreciated my education later in life. A bit of a balancing act but part time was easier than trying to go full time. So you go girl – you rock.

Isisjem May 16, 2013 - 11:52 am

Putting your own mark on a home in such a dramatic way is one of the most exciting things you can do. (although the bills aren’t quite as much fun!)

I’m sure your partner will love what you make them in the swap.


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