Home gardening June’s big gardening project…

June’s big gardening project…

by Clare Mansell
June’s big gardening project…

Hedge removal

As most of you will know, although we bought our home 4 years ago, Jim’s Army postings have kept us from living in it until earlier this year. Those years of anticipation have in some cases allowed us to slowly formulate ideas about what we wanted to do with the house and garden, but in other cases have just proved a frustrating delay to things we have wanted to change from day one. June’s garden project falls in to the latter category!

Along our southern boundary there is a strip about 5 metres wide where the previous owners had planted out a wide flower bed, then a path, then a hedge. Over the time we were away and the house was rented, this area took on a life of its own. Brambles grew into the hedge and weeds overtook the flower bed, it was a mess and it obscured our view.

This was what it looked like when we bought the house, with the hedge overgrown (even in winter) to the point where the view is obscured, and no fencing (I was looking at these photos last night and wondering how we ever had the vision to buy the place!!)

And at its tidiest (not that tidy!) with a new fence in late 2009…

This is it taken from our roof at first floor level in March this year, showing where the flower bed has (mostly) been stripped.

After a very discouraging spring (weather wise) we finally decided at the start of this month to tackle it at full speed, encouraged by the fact we are planning a party on 30th June. We also decided rather than fighting the brambles, to rip the hedge out and start again.

And this is what it looks like after this weekend’s work…

Hedge removal

With the view now clearly visible at ground level…

Hedge removal

We have done well with our hacking and burning so far, but are getting a quote from the professionals to turf.  So the big question remains, do we leave it open or replant the hedge?

The view is far better without, but perhaps when the winter wind is whipping across the harbour and the field on the other side as died down we may miss it. I guess the safe option is to try a year of living without before we make a decision…

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Isisjem June 17, 2013 - 2:44 pm

Sometimes you just have to start again from scratch. Years of renovating my house meant leaving the garden to over grow. It was frustrating with it looking so awful but building work would mean parts were going to get wrecked anyway. As for the hedge leave it without. The back and side of my garden is north facing and the wind really whips up across the fields but if it’s that cold and windy you won’t want to be outside anyway!

Diane-crewe June 17, 2013 - 4:16 pm

wow that looks great.. some hard work went on there! your view is wonderful… I think maybe you need to live “fenceless” for a while to decide how you like it xx after 4 years of waiting a few more months wont make a lot of diference xx

Nancy June 17, 2013 - 9:43 pm

Why not do something temporary like sunflowers to fill in the space. Leave the rest to ponder… Once you have the addition you might think of something different.

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