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South-coast breakfasts : The Beach House, West Wittering

by Clare Mansell
South-coast breakfasts : The Beach House, West Wittering

If you’ve ever looked at a British newspapers during a hot spell, chances are you will know the area we visited this week for our latest breakfast experience. West Wittering is one of those beaches that always appears in British newspapers during a hot spell, with all the semi-naked sun-worshipers jostling for pitches on the sand, it looks like hell, and in truth, if you hit it at the wrong time of day, it is exactly that!

Which is why it made such a perfect candidate for a breakfast location! Beat the rush before it gets busy, grab a breakfast, hit the beach for a walk and then turn round and drive home at lunchtime just as the road starts getting congested – hurrah!


Our venue of choice was the Beach House, a restaurant with rooms a short-distance from the entrance to the West Wittering estate. It’s in close proximity to the local shops, including one which sells an astonishing array or different colours and sizes of buckets and spades. I have never seen a small boy more chuffed with a purchase than Theo was, well worth the £3.85 we paid.

Parking at the Beach House was a little tricky when we arrived, but it is still the school holidays, and we were eventually able to grab a spot down a side road. Dogs are welcome on the veranda at the front, so we ate outside taking in the views of holidaymakers trudging to the beach.


I tried the pancakes with maple syrup (fantastic) and followed up with Eggs Benedict (the best I have had yet, with fabulous crunchy bacon). Jim tried Eggs Benedict with added sausages, there was a croissant for the boy (enthusiastically received as ever) and Jim’s father tried a bacon ciabatta (more garnish required, said he!)

The breakfast was amongst the best we have tried in this area so far. A slight disappointment that although they offer a children’s menu at lunch and supper there were no small portions on offer at this time of the day, but we are still fairly unique in our love of eating breakfast out, so perhaps the demand is simply not there.

Service was excellent and the waitresses were all adorned in a uniform of stripey t-shirts, which curiously seemed to be rubbing off on the patrons. I counted at least 4 other people come and go from the tables wearing variously striped tops – perhaps it’s the proximity to the sea?

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Isisjem September 2, 2013 - 8:57 am

Yes the seaside does bring out the need for a stripey shirt for us Brits! I drooled over those pancakes on flickr. I think going out for breakfast should be something we all do more.

Jane March 26, 2014 - 4:33 pm

This is my local café run by a friend of mine so glad you enjoyed it. Although we live in Jersey at the moment our house is in west wittering. Have you tried the café round the corner on the way down to the beach. Mike met the butler from Downton Abbey in there last time he had morning coffee!

Clare Mansell March 27, 2014 - 8:44 am

Hello Jane, I can’t reply to you directly cause of your Blogger settings, but thank you so much for the message! We spotted that other cafe a few weeks ago on the way back from a dog walk, so we may well have to try it. Clare


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