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What I’ve been reading…

by Clare Mansell
What I’ve been reading…


As well as my usual fiction read, this month I’ve picked up a few really great non-fiction reads that I wanted to share with you…

(1) Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg & Cheryl Arkison : I am slow on this one I realise, but I am also very picky about buying quilt books as too many times they sit on my bookshelf unread. What swung the purchase of this one was taking part in Just One Slab for Southern Alberta which involved making a block from the book. The resulting scrappy squares (and eventual quilts) were so good I decided to buy the book. (Note… if you buy yours from Amazon in the UK, have a look at the “new and used” options which are at least half the price of the Amazon listed one)

(2) Blogging for Creativesby Robin Houghton – I’ve done a lot of reading about blogging over the summer and this is my favourite book so far. It’s beautifully laid out, very easy to read and full of good advice. I wish it had been around a few years ago when I first started.

(3) Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook : If I hadn’t been given a review copy of this book as part of the Amazon Vine program I don’t think I would ever have picked this up, but it is surprisingly great! I’ve already made the fruit skewers and nachos and will be cooking the chicken pasta next week. Yes it is more of an ideas book than an actual recipe book, but a lot of the time a little inspiration is all we need.

And finally my fiction read…

(4) Me Before You by JoJo Moyes : I needed a good read the other night, so I went on to Amazon, went into the fiction section and sorted everything by “customer review.” This book was top with over 3,000 mostly 5 star reviews. It’s not a great work of literary genius, but it is brilliantly readable and the kind of book you walk around all day thinking thinking about.

So what about you? Any good reading recommendations?I’m linking this post up with Block Party…

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Nancy September 7, 2013 - 4:41 pm

I just drove from Peterborough Ontario (Canada) back to Halifax after leaving my second daughter as she starts her nursing program… I am a nurse too so I am astounded that she chose the same profession, but that is another story. In spite of the lonnnnng drive (1200 plus kilometers each way), I managed to go to 4 quilt stores and two IKEAs (to buy drawers for my quilt fabric). I found Cheryl Arkison’s newest book and bought it. As the cover says, it is “a quilt book unlike any other.” It has quilt patterns and ideas – but for me it is about Cheryl’s philosophy. Called Slow Down and Sew: A Month of Sundays, Cheryl advocates for a day of relaxation and rest – feeding your soul (and your stomach) as she has recipes in it too. It is precisely the message I needed after a busy week of vacation (??). I know I bought all that fabric for a reason. This book is a keeper.


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