Home blog swap Introducing four fantastic October bloggers…

Introducing four fantastic October bloggers…

by Clare Mansell
Introducing four fantastic October bloggers…

It’s a new month and I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to a great and varied set of bloggers who are taking part in my blog badge swap this month…

Circle of Pine Trees is a lifestyle blog written by Laura about her family life in the countryside. As well as being a keen photographer (with a magpie’s eye for film cameras), Laura is mother to three small boys. Circle of Pine Trees documents outdoor adventures (such as foraging for wild food), seasonal baking, vintage rummaging and snapshots of everyday life. 
The blog is a photographic journey which serves as a record of time passing and the seasons changing. Circle of Pine Trees is about appreciating life’s small but precious moments and discovering beauty in the simplest of things. I really enjoy Laura’s style of photography and her whole blog resonates a feeling of calm and serenity, which is quite a thing to pull off with three boys sharing her life!

In 2013 the Brown family decided to move from London to a little village in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of South West France. In order to keep family and friends up to date with their new life they set up a blog called ‘La Famille Brown – tales of an English family living in France.’

With stories of their expat experiences, French village life and new family businesses, alongside recipes and crafts suitable for all the family. The Brown family are: Becky, the mum, who dreams of a simple family life with time to get crafty with her sewing machine and finally experiment with recipes from one of her many cookbooks. Andrew, the dad, who is enjoying his new career as ‘Media Man’ alongside growing veg and being the in house handy man. Reuben, the big brother, who at 4 has just started French school and has a dream to speak French all day! Jacob, the baby, who is enjoying the freedom of playing with his big brother’s toys whilst he is at school!

 This honest blog follows their highs, lows, and all that’s in-between of living in a foreign country.

Rascal & Roses is the home of Verity. She started to blog when she was on maternity leave and was a little bored! Verity’s husband is in the Army and they have a baby daughter (The Rascal) a Springer Spaniel puppy (Stanley) and a tail-less cat (Houdini). Rascal & Roses focuses on Verity’s new found passion for upcycling furniture and homed interiors in general. She’s had such a brilliant response to her work that she’s currently setting up a website to start selling the furniture.

As Verity’s hubby is in Afghanistan until July 2014 she decided to try and finish her chartered management accountancy exams, look after their 9 month old, a puppy and the high maintenance cat and just incase she had some spare time- set up a new business too…so that’s what she’s doing! On a personal note I have been in Verity’s shoes and I know how much I valued the virtual contact from blog readers, so do pop over and comment if you have the time.

Maddie Moes

Janice Armstrong is married to her best friend, Johnny, and is a mum to 3 girls…7 year old Abi, 6 year old Annabelle and 3 year old Madeleine.  You can find her at her blog, Maddie Moes, a place where she shares her perspectives on life, kids, faith, creativity and contentment:
…the everyday, seeing the beauty of where you are and what you have.
…the people who are a part of life, those who have helped to shape and inspire. 
…the things that are made, that are crafted and thought over, and, in the midst of all this – the thoughts, dreams and heartaches that have been shared. 
Being creative.  Being content.
Writing has been a hidden passion over the years but Janice has been inspired to share more of her thoughts and passions through this new blogging adventure, the things that dwell on her heart and the stuff that makes her tick. 
Janice lives with her family in Belfast, N. Ireland. 

These four bloggers will have their badges on my sidebar all month, so if you want to pop over and visit, you know where you can find them!

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