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What I have been reading in September…

by Clare Mansell
What I have been reading in September…
 (1) A Beautiful Mess by Elise Larson & Emma Chapman (2) Joanna Trollope – Sense & Sensibility (3) The Thrifty Forager by Alys Fowler (4) The Cabin by Mulfinger & Davis
I thought with the start of my university course looming and the inevitability of my reading becoming far less eclectic, now would be a great time to do a round up of my reading over the last month….
(1) A Beautiful Mess by Elise Larson & Emma Chapman
I recently discovered the blog and by association, the book of the same name. These days I’m much more into photo idea books than I am into technical ones.There’s no doubt this is beautifully put together and does have some great ideas in it, but I haven’t rushed out to execute any of them and I still feel Kevin Meredith’s Hot Shotsis probably a better read. Maybe it’s because I read Hot Shots first and the two have areas of overlap, but A Beautiful Mess seems a little bit style of substance for me…
(2) Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

I love Joanna and I loved The Soldiers Wife (I think it actually influenced a lot of decisions we made in the last year) so I was delighted to be offered a preview copy of this modern reworking of the Jane Austen classic. However the first 40 pages of this have been hard work, really dialogue heavy, lots of weeping and hard to make the leap of imagination that it’s supposed to be modern day and than then suddenly last night I started a new chapter and it’s great!  I will report back when I reach the end…
(3) The Thrifty Forager by Alys Fowler

I bought this because I saw it mentioned on a blog which was discussing uses for sloe berries. Its opened my eyes to how much stuff there is out there that we can eat for free, but I’m not convinced it’s the best forager book. I’m open to suggestions though if you know any better?

(4) The Cabin by Mulfinger & Davis

This is not a new purchase, but rather something I dug out to look at again with fresh eyes. It’s full of wonderful eye candy of American log cabins both traditional and modern. I’m going through it now trying to absorb details of things that we might be able to use in our own remodel in the spring and it’s a lovely book.
(5) Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

I downloaded this as an eBook at the beginning of September and it was such an easy and enjoyable read. A bit “airporty” in parts but I personally think it’s the best star-crossed lovers book I have read since Twilight and it’s up there as the “best-rated” on Amazon for a reason.

If you’re reading anything great at the moment, I’m always keen on recommendations so leave a comment below…

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