Home review A peek at our Christmas cards (Truprint review)

A peek at our Christmas cards (Truprint review)

by Clare Mansell
A peek at our Christmas cards (Truprint review)
 truprint christmas cards

Every year before Christmas I get my knickers in a twist about our Christmas cards. Should I buy them from a shop or make my own? I know I should probably make my own, but I spend so long thinking about what to put on the front that I often run out of time.

So when Truprint approached me last month and asked me if I’d like to review some of their cards, my first thought was pure relief that someone was going to force me into making a decision early this year and for once I’d be organised!



On their website, Truprint have a quite bewildering selection of cards in every conceivable size, finish and for every occasion and it’s a little overwhelming trying to navigate your way through the enormous amount of options and prices, but it’s definitely worth it. I was particularly impressed by their huge range of templates which vary from quite traditional designs to much more modern graphics.

For our cards I picked the Happy Christmas Fancy Four, 7×5 greeting card and 5×5 photo card to try. Of the three both mine and Jim’s favourite was the 5×5, which is a flat card (it doesn’t open) and is printed on slightly textured matte card. However none of our friends shall be receiving any of them in the post this year because I made a rather crucial mistake! Take a look at the card in the photo above and see if you can spot it…

Yup, I managed to leave the default family names on it! So it says ‘Jack, Mandy, Isaac & Joe Anderson’ on it. Let this serve as a warning to all who follow in my footsteps, check and double check your cards!!

As well as the cards, I also tried some of the notebooks. These again offer a choice of a full bleed image or a template you slot your photos in to. I tried using one of Theo’s paintings as a full bleed image (better as a concept than in reality!) and one using a template. I buy photo notebooks quite often as gifts and they are always appreciated.

And finally some coasters. You can never have too many of these! Choosing an image that cropped to a square was tricky and I risked it with one (despite being warned about the cropping area) and found Bella had her nose chopped off – oops! The high  gloss finish however was excellent.

Overall I was impressed by the quality of all the products I received from Truprint, but thought the website was more functional than inspirational. If I could change one thing about Truprint’s product range, I’d ask them to make larger placemats available. The current size they stock are smaller than the standard size you’d buy in a shop and I’m constantly trying to find ones that are larger.

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Isisjem November 10, 2013 - 4:07 pm

Before I read about your little mistake I thought why have they got other people’s names on the front of their cards?! That’s the kind of thing I’d do. Like the first blurb book I ever made I couldn’t get to print out to proof read. Printer had a memory melt down trying. So I had to proof read on the screen and then when it was printed found some really silly but niggly typos 🙁

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