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And so this was Christmas…

by Clare Mansell
And so this was Christmas…
Ugg gloves for xmas!
So Christmas came and went with its usual alarming speed. The run of ill health in this house continued with colds and coughs plaguing us. Jim did an excellent job of doing all of Christmas dinner himself (and clearing up on his own when I crawled to bed at 9pm) and our little house expanded at the seams to accommodate everyone for the day. Next year we shall be swimming in space… we hope!

Theo didn’t quite understand the fuss this year, but was more than delighted by the visitors. When he realised his cousins were coming for the day he camped out on our windowsill all morning awaiting their arrival.

In the evening, shortly after the last of out guests had gone, the skies opened for an almost apocalyptic downpour. The deafening sound of the heavens emptying themselves on our flat roof made me convinced it was about to cave in. When it had passed, we peeped outside and saw the lawn covered in hailstones.

The following morning it was still in evidence and so, with a leap of imagination, we were treated to that rarest and most surprising of things on the south-coast.. a white Christmas… or a white Boxing Day at least. I’m clutching at straws I know, but the boy enjoyed it…


So with the festivities behind us at least we are battling to restore full health to everyone. We are halfway through Jim’s leave already and I feel like it is slipping through our fingers. So many plans, so many things we wanted to do and people to see… I must be patient.

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Multi Layer Mummy December 27, 2013 - 9:01 pm

Sorry you were all unwell, hope all are better now. You had a white Christmas??? We just had rain, gales, storms and lots of fences & my lovely Christmas tree down twice! Wishing you a Happy New Year a little early, I’ve been so mad busy I am making sure next year is different, would love to meet up for coffee on a beach, you choose 🙂

Nancy December 28, 2013 - 1:35 am

I know Christmas with young ones can be laden with every possible type of germ. The bug seems to go from one person to the next. Hopefully the new year will be better. And if it any comfort, it improves as the children get older. We have tons of snow here – another 15 cm last night – I had to work so I shoveled the plow snow out then left the rest for the young ones. My favourite present was from Ian – a tree decoration shaped like a sewing machine with thread and scissors hanging from it. So me… Now I am going to the basement to finish some Christmas presents. You know the ones – no binding, no buttons. And the present for the co-workers child who was adopted from China in January 2013. Too many WIPs – I think I know what my NY resolution should be. Get well.

Would Like To Be a Yummy Mummy December 28, 2013 - 8:11 pm

Oh no Clare, sorry to hear you were all poorly. Hope you’re feeling better by now & have a great 2014 x


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