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And so it has begun….

by Clare Mansell
And so it has begun….

After a year of planning and over 5 years since we bought it, our house remodel has started.

The scaffolders arrived on Saturday and spent two days erecting the scaffolding (which is huge, but still not complete) and the builders and outside room team arrived yesterday. Already we have the shell of the cabin erect, the ground floor carpets ripped up and a great big hole in the wall between our (old) bedroom and sitting room. A lot has happened in a short space of time.
We are getting through gallons of milk and biscuits and getting used to the sound of constant banging and drilling, but the reward of seeing the transformation of the house is so far, entirely worth it.
I’m recording a time lapse video every day during the build. I intend to group it together for weekly updates and then eventually as a whole long film from start to finish. Here’s a sneak peak of what went on on Monday, the erection of our outside room… 

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Nancy March 4, 2014 - 10:21 pm

Very cool. I am renovating our bathroom upstairs – it is gutted to the studs – progress as the tub arrives tomorrow. I will send you some pictures… Not smart enough to do the time lapse! N

Catherine Pritchard March 4, 2014 - 10:24 pm

wow, the video is great. Love the studio

cat @studiohuntingbears March 9, 2014 - 12:26 pm

Brilliant video… wish I’d sone something similar. I also remember the tea, coffee, sugar and biscuit situation… cost me a fortune! ha Good luck with it all. x


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