Home remodel First look at the new exterior of our house…

First look at the new exterior of our house…

by Clare Mansell
First look at the new exterior of our house…
The old house

Three and a half months ago we started a complete remodel of our 100 year-old bungalow. This is what it looked like in February before we started… you won’t believe what it looks like now!

After spending the whole of the spring under a protective wrap, last week the scaffolding started to slowly come down to reveal the shape of the new house…

The unveiling has begun! #nomorescaffolding #houserenovation
The scaffolders are killing me! They have gone home for the day and left the wrap up in the sea side obscuring the view that I am so desperate to see!

There’s still a few weeks of work left to do including the addition of the weatherboard and render and of course the removal of the other three sides of the scaffolding. Inside the new bedrooms and bathrooms are almost complete and we can see the space we are soon going to be able to spread out into. Sixteen weeks living in one room has been hard work at times and the stress of missing deliveries, broken items and things that just don’t work as you wanted, has reduced me to tears at times, but the light is now visible at the end of the tunnel.

I cannot wait to move back in, to unpack, dust everything, find things I haven’t since since February and for us to have the house to ourselves once more.

Though we had ambitious ideas about paint and wallpaper at the beginning we have decided to paint everything white to begin with and tackle small projects on our own as we get to know the inside space. One exception to that will be the tongue and groove boarding in the main bathroom which I think may end up a grey/blue colour…

Though certain jobs may still have to be done next month, we hope to be finished by the end of the month and moved in in time for our annual Canada Day party at the beginning of July. We will of course give you the tour when it’s done…

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

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pennydog June 13, 2014 - 10:58 am

No way!

Lucy @ Charm About You June 13, 2014 - 12:39 pm

Wow! It’s going to be incredible!

Jo Jo June 13, 2014 - 12:46 pm

Looks AMAZING! Well worth the cramped living confines and it’s a good decision about the white, I think. We did the very same save for a few rooms. Can’t wait to see it all done!

La Famille Brown June 13, 2014 - 2:48 pm

An amazing transformation! It must be so exciting to move back in and start relaxing into the space. I think painting everything white to begin with is such a great idea. So many blank canvases to work with.

Carie June 13, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Wow! what a transformation – it looks amazing, and after living in just the one room it’s going to feel HUGE!

Fran June 13, 2014 - 8:04 pm

Gorgeous! What a great project!

Would Like To Be a Yummy Mummy June 14, 2014 - 12:41 pm

It’s looking fantastic & can see it’s going to be gorgeous when finished. Like your idea if painting everything fresh whilst you work out feels for the different rooms x

Nancy June 14, 2014 - 4:35 pm

Ok Clare – just love the new look. It will be so gorgeous and you will spread into the new space. The cleaning is tough – that gyprock dust and grit gets everywhere. I think starting with white is a totally smart move. Love it.

cat | Studio Hunting Bears June 16, 2014 - 8:50 am

Looks amazing and soooo different! Can’t wait for the tour x

Lorraine June 16, 2014 - 3:39 pm

Wow !!! You lucky things, I love the new house.

Antonia Ludden June 20, 2014 - 8:36 am

It must be so satisfying to see all the progress you are making, looks brilliant! #loveyourhome

[email protected] Chic Living June 23, 2014 - 11:21 am

Oh I absolutely can’t wait to see the tour, this looks amazing! #loveyourhome

Claire @ Style Arch June 24, 2014 - 7:43 pm

Totally agree with what Jen says!!

stephi_baybee June 25, 2014 - 9:04 am

Wow!! AMAZING! It is going to be stunning when you have finished. I love that look of house as well. I cannot wait to see the end result!


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