Home remodel The last push…

The last push…

by Clare Mansell
The last push…

Before I have a whinge, I would like to say that I fully realise we are luckier than most. In a few weeks we shall be living in a great house and although we will have a larger mortgage and reduced savings, we are exceptionally lucky to have had the opportunity to create our family home. But…

…this last bit is killing me!

Last week Theo brought home from nursery an all consuming summer cold, which first worked its unpleasantness and sleepless nights on him, before moving on to me. Then the seal on our washing machine expired, I ordered a new one and when we took the machine apart to fit it, it was the wrong one. We ordered another one. The pile of washing kept growing. Over the weekend I seemed to be perpetually washing hankerchiefs and children’s pants in the sink whilst pausing to mop my own streaming nose.


The decorators arrived (yay!) and decided to listen to a competing radio station to the builders. Who listen to a competing radio station to me. That’s three radio stations in one house (and yes I realise I could turn one of them off!) The electrician came to install LED lights he thought I had. I didn’t. He opened up the boxes of the electric towel rails we had delivered three months ago and discovered they were not electric. So I ordered some replacement ones which were more expensive than the first we ordered.

The new seal for the washing machine arrived. Jim’s away till Friday so I have so far spent 6 hours trying to fix it. It is the worst job ever. I am now so far into it that I can’t not finish.  In between this contractors keep reminding me of the little extras we agreed to which will appear on an as yet unfinalised bill and even though worrying about it is pointless, I still do.

So that is that, but here is the good news… The carpets are being laid next Friday. That means that in all probablity we shall be out of our temporary accommodation in the garden and into the house in 10 days. I still can’t quite believe it.

After that there are still rooms to paint (the decorators are only doing the newly plastered ones) wallpaper to hang, the downstairs flooring to lay, the stairs to varnish, a garden to try and rescue and our lives to unpack.

But we are nearly nearly there. I just need Lemsip and a washing machine to power me to the end…

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Clarina S July 1, 2014 - 10:29 pm

Keep going! You’re so near the end now! It will all be worth it!

Nancy July 2, 2014 - 1:52 am

Why do things break at the most inopportune times? Our lawn mower was “repaired” last fall – I got it in Dec just as the snow started so didn’t have the chance to use it – I assumed it worked cuz the paper tied to it said that it worked. Then the rains came in April and the grass grew. The lawn mower didn’t work when I tried to pull the cord. So I loaded it in the car and took it back to the company that fixed it – knocking out the back window of our Mazda 3 (to the tune of $730). The company that fixed it no longer in business. So I found another company and it cost another $75. And the grass continued to grow… and grow. We looked for a company to do an initial mow and I ducked every time a car went by thinking it might be a bylaw officer. Finally we gave up and rented an industrial weed wacker and Ian cut the grass and I went behind with the mower. Now the guy across the street who is trying to sell his property won’t be scared that the potential purchasers think they are coming into a neighbourhood dive. Tomorrow’s job is dealing with the exterminator who hopefully will get rid of the birds who are occupying our upstairs bathroom vent. Just figured you needed to hear someone else’s whinge… I know I benefitted from reading yours – don’t feel so alone!!!

Catherine July 2, 2014 - 4:46 am

There is nothing worse than having your house invaded. Just wait until you have moved back in, your cold has gone and there will be just the finishing touches to do. I for one cannot wait to see the results.

cat | Studio Hunting Bears July 2, 2014 - 10:50 am

You’ve done brilliantly and to get the job to a place after, what seems to me, to be a short space of time. I’m sure it’s been the longest time for you! I think no matter how organised you think you are and having everything ordered there are always mishaps along the way. Miscommunication is a total bugger and we’ve all bought stuff months in advance to discover it doesn’t work/fit/is the wrong item. I remember nearly being in tears because the dishwasher hadn’t arrived the day it was supposed to in time for the kitchen fitter. The kitchen fitter then cut my hand made work surface 100mm too short. You don’t want to know the names I called him! Best laid plans and all… you WILL look back on all this and laugh… it may take a year or two but you WILL I PROMISE!!! And remember our own problems are always the worst so don’t apologise for having a whinge just because you feel you should be grateful. You have both worked hard to build this dream. I’m constantly apologising for living in a lovely home… I too need to remember it’s not just luck we have worked damn hard to get it. Big kiss and a huge virtual hug because I think you need/deserve it. x

Isisjem July 2, 2014 - 8:39 pm

Last bits are always the worst! It seems however great the builders are they always seem to drag out the fiddly finishing bits. When really you just want them to get finished and leave… As for the radios – it’s your house not the builders if you don’t like the radios get them to turn them off or pick one station and stick to it! Above all it will be worth it all in the end. Promise. I’ve lived in a small cottage throughout years of renovations and I promise it is worth it in the end!

Carie July 4, 2014 - 9:19 pm

So so nearly there – and it is going to be amazing! But grr to the washing machine; they always seem to give up the ghost when you need them the most!

stephi_baybee July 14, 2014 - 7:17 pm

You’re nearly there….so close. Just keep thinking on how lovely it will be and all the happy exciting times your have in there. I cannot wait to see it done! Hope the cold clears up soon.

Angela July 20, 2014 - 8:32 pm

So close…keep the faith. I hope your cold has buggered off by now xx


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