Home photography 12 hours in our family day…

12 hours in our family day…

by Clare Mansell
12 hours in our family day…

On Saturday I took part in the #1day12pics photo project organised by Emma at Photography For Blogs. We had a pretty full and varied day, but I still had to cheat a little to get to 12 photos as we had a last minute invitation to drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen for 10 years and I hesitated a little about taking the camera out in their house! So I squeezed an extra spare photo in for the 10 o’clock hour to make it up to the magic number…

08:34 – A happy smiley face to start the day and it’s already hard to keep him still long enough to take a photo

09:31 – Theo getting his cars in order at the kitchen table

10:34 – Heading to the shoreline on a dog walk with friends

10:43 – Daddy & Theo looking out at a calm but misty sea

11:02 – Blackberries straight from the bush – Good job the t-shirt will hide any stains!

12:43 – A shopping trip to the Eternal Maker with its newly opened cafe The Eternal Baker

13:26 – Scones fresh from the oven with clotted cream and jam

14:04 – Gorgeous fabrics everywhere. My university term ended on Friday (distance learning terms are quirky!) so I’m back to quilting this week – hurray!

15:17 – Introducing Theo to “Mr Fearnley Whittingstall” in anticipation of our trip to River Cottage

16:15 – Walking downstairs I catch a glimpse of my new green desk through the doorway. Such a great colour!

17:16 – Persuading Theo off his bike so we can head out for early evening drinks


18:43 – Finishing the day with drinks at an old friends house with a lovely view…

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Anonymous September 9, 2014 - 10:40 am

What a lovely day. Emma.

Jenny September 9, 2014 - 8:12 pm

Lovely pics, I am so jealous you visited The Eternal Maker – I would love to spend some money there one day.

Tiny Tang September 9, 2014 - 8:12 pm

These are some adorable moments! Your son is so so cute, and precious 🙂 Love the little snippets into your day and am glad you managed to get all the photos in the time 🙂 x


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