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Love The Little Things, week 41

by Clare Mansell
Love The Little Things, week 41

I’m linking up with Morgana again for a short round up of my week. It’s finally got colder this week which was a great time to discover the central heating wasn’t working! We have survived with the log burner, but it’s meant some rather cold (and restless) nights and a general reluctance to sit in front of the computer in the rather cold study!


Despite loving my Kindle, sometimes you just can’t beat a hardback with a lovely shiny cover, particularly when it’s a present. Jim gave me this one for my birthday. I’m not a horsey person, but this story of a Zimbabwean family brutally evicted from their home and their quest to save their own and their friends horses is a compelling read.


We went for a walk along the shore on Sunday morning and watched this stunning scene over Chichester Hrabour. The glass like stillness of the water was only fleeting, by the time we walked back past the same spot the wind had picked up.


My autumn wardrobe isn’t terribly exciting at the moment.  All our spare cash is going on tthings like curtain material and paint and my next purchase is going to have to be a new pair of wellies. I had my first pair of Hunters for about 15 years and they survived everything. This pair I have had for only a couple of years and I think they have a leak already. I’m not impressed.


A friend of mine sent me a link to this beautiful short film and I love the song it is set to, which I think is by an unsigned artist. One listen and it was stuck in my head all day!

I have been making raisin spelt buns today. Can anyone spot who got to the cookery book before me? #baking #cooking

I tried out a recipe from Scandinavian Baking by Trine Hahneman this week. It was the raisin and spelt rolls. The resulting rolls were great (Theo can’t stop eating them) but the dough requires a LOT of water (twice as much as I normally use for bread) which made it very hard to handle and the perfect rounded rolls in the book seem unachievable. I actually wonder if it’s a misprint as the extra water seems to add nothing to the flavour or consistency. I’m going to try my own version next week.

And Lastly

I start back doing my university work next week after five weeks off (yes only five). I’m distance learning so I don’t have to physically go anywhere, but I’m slightly apprehensive about the thought of returning to 20 hours study a week. However, this is my fourth semester of the first year (I know, slightly strange) and by January I will have my first level of qualification, so the first goal is in sight.


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Susanna Di Milo October 14, 2014 - 8:35 am

I love the colour of the wellies against the autumn leaves, and I agree with you that there is nothing to beat reading a real book! I loved going to university in my 30’s I think I relished the experience and I miss the challenge today, there was always an essay to write and a huge sense of achievement when I did well. Good Luck!


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