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Canvas storage cubes review

by Clare Mansell
Canvas storage cubes review

At age 3 Theo has suddenly began to acquire (what seems like) hundreds of small boy’s toys. Whether they be model cars, Lego pieces or construction sets, they get everywhere and seem to have no proper home. We have already got him a couple of plastic Lego storage boxes which help keep the tiniest pieces of Lego together in one place, but we were also on the lockout for something to store his model cars in, when we offered a couple of canvas storage cubes from the Great Little Trading Company


The very best thing about them is that they fit inside the famous Ikea Kallax shelving units (formerly known as the Expedit) and of course, even better, you don’t have to go to an Ikea to buy them!  The cubes are £17 each and come in all sorts of designs and colours, but for Theo it had to be red!

Review of canvas storage cubes
Theo’s cubes have been assigned to the roles of “things with wheels on” (which apparently includes helicopters, but not trains… that’s three year-old logic for you!) and “puzzles” and although he does enjoy tipping the contents all over his bedroom floor, it has definitely made the process of tidying them up again much quicker and easier, which is definitely a good thing.


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