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Postsnap review and reader offer

by Clare Mansell
Postsnap review and reader offer

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I may have mentioned once (or several hundred times) that I have a thing about liberating your digital photos and using them to create real tangible products that you can hold and keep, so when Postsnap asked me to review their app which allows you to create a real personalised printed card on your phone I couldn’t resist…


The app is free to download and you can choose from a variety of very nice card templates. I picked the simplest they make which just allows for some text overlay and a full-bleed photo. Pictures can either be taken “live” with the camera or from your photo library. I use Flickr to store all my images so I screen grabbed one of my pictures from there and imported it into the app via my photo library.

I particularly like the idea of being able to use the app to take a photo and create your own holiday cards to send directly to friends and family via the UK postal system when you are abroad. Emails are all well and good, but there’s nothing quite like receiving a surprise card through the door.

The other feature I really liked about my finished card was a subtle one, but a goodie. If you choose a landscape format image the card actually stands up like it’s a portrait card (if that makes sense?) with the fold across the vertical not the horizontal, which means it doesn’t slowly collapse when you stick it on a window or mantelpiece… I know, I’m easily pleased!


READER OFFER! If you fancy trying out the Postsnap app. Simply use the code MAYBUSHPOSTCARD at the checkout before 30th April to claim one free postcard

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