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5 ways to use Pinterest to plan your bathroom

by Clare Mansell
5 ways to use Pinterest to plan your bathroom


Pinterest played a huge part in how we put together the design for our house and one of the areas that it had the biggest influence on was the look of our two bathrooms, so in this post I thought I’d share my top tips for using Pinterest to turn your bathroom fantasies into reality…

bath1a Collage

(1) Find boards to follow

Type “bathroom” into the search box on Pinterest and then select “boards” as your option, on the bottom left of the main cover image of each board, it will display how many pins that board has which is a good indicator of how active the board is (more pins and it’s more likely to be pinned to frequently) also try searching for more specific titles like “small bathrooms” or “nautical bathroom.” Another option is to head to the dropdown on the right hand side of the search box on Pinterest where you will discover a world of categorised Pinterest boards. Click on “Home Decor” and see what inspiration grabs you. It’s also worth following bathroom retailers on Pinterest to keep in touch with the latest trends and products.

(2) Pin real houses

I didn’t actually find the bathroom in the top photograph whilst browsing Pinterest. I found it in the local paper! It was the bathroom in a house that was for sale near me, so I visited the Estate Agents website and pinned the bathroom from there. I did the same with a photo a friend shared on Facebook of their newly renovated bathroom (though you have to do a screenshot and upload it to a board.) Neither photos were particularly stunning in their own right, but they were useful because they contained design elements I loved and wanted to incorporate into our house.

(3) Search for examples of your ideas

The red tiles in our shower were actually Theo’s choice and I really was confident about the decision until I had searched to see examples of red feature walls. Sometimes Pinterest can help provide inspiration and at other times it will just affirm your ideas. If you have trouble visualising an idea chances are somebody will already have pinned it before you!


Ultra Design Red Wall Mounted Cabinet from Bella Bathrooms

(4) Think colours

If you are unsure of the colours you want in a bathroom it might be worth setting up a board that purely focuses on colour combinations. Every time you see colours together that you like just pin them to the board. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, interiors or design, if you start building up a collection of colours that work for you, pretty quickly you will notice a common thread. I like strong colours which influenced our choices of feature walls for our two showers. Remember that colour choices in a bathroom don’t necessarily mean coloured units or tiles, you can add colour with your choice of accessories which will be easier to change if you want to update your look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 13.53.57
(5) Start early

The sooner you start to plan, the easier the process will be. Bathroom design involves lots of decisions, what size tiles to use, what colour, how far up the wall to lay them and which layout to use? Those kind of decisions can be bewildering if you have no idea of your personal preferences, so the sooner you start collecting images and getting to know your choices the better.

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Nancy May 5, 2015 - 9:09 pm

I also redid our bathroom – the website I used was Houzz and it was great It is only real houses and you can narrow your search to a much more specific items. I think that time spent looking at the web can really help expand your understanding of the potential for your makeover.

My Life As A Mummy May 6, 2015 - 6:42 pm

I didn’t even think to use Pinterest to redesign my rooms! But this is a fab idea! My bathroom really could do with a redesign!

Laura x x x

Michelle May 6, 2015 - 6:49 pm

I’d never have thought of using Pinterest for room planning, what a great idea! xx

kara May 6, 2015 - 6:57 pm

Really Lovely post Clare, I’m just getting more into Pinterest so your post provided some great tips. K x

I’m going to Blogtacular & Britmums Live » Maybush Studio June 2, 2015 - 11:07 am

[…] also delighted to be able to share with you that I was chosen as the winner of the recent Britmums/Bella Bathrooms competition and as a result Bella Bathrooms will be sponsoring me to attend this year’s Britmums […]


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