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5 things to organise before the bump becomes a baby

by Clare Mansell

Yes that huge bump does belong to me, but I hasten to add that was 4 years ago and not this time around! Doing pregnancy for a second time means I’m a little better prepared in all sorts of ways, not least of all being prepared for the time immediately after the birth. Everyone knows you need nappies, clothes and a mountain of biscuits, but there are a few other bits of admin that are easily overlooked, but which can be organised a few months before your due date.


Decide how you want to announce the birth

Ok, so this sounds a bit strange, but it’s really worth discussing with your partner before the baby arrives. Are you going to send out birth announcement cards? Will your partner make the phone calls to close family and if so who gets to find out first? What about social media. If you’re a bit obsessed with good quality photos (Me? Surely not!) it might be worth pointing out that you don’t want the first picture that the world sees of your child to be a blurry iPhone snap. Finally you might want to consider a newspaper announcement, we did it because we like the traditional aspect of it, but it nearly blew our sleep-deprived little minds working out how to phrase the announcement to get value for money on a pay-per-line system.

Buy thank you cards and stamps

You might want to make customised thank you cards with your own photos after the birth, but just in case that doesn’t happen, buy some generic thank you cards (and a few books of stamps) now. The gifts start arriving pretty quickly when a little person is born and if you have cards at the ready you’ll be able to keep on top of the replies. Replying quickly isn’t just about being polite, but doing the task while you can still remember who gave you what!

Research children’s savings accounts

Do some research now about setting up a savings account for the newborn so you know how to do it and where you can get the best interest rate<. If you are lucky, relatives may want to give financial gifts to your child and planning for that now, will mean you have the information to provide them with or somewhere to send the cheques if they arrive in the post. Buy nice (but forgiving) post maternity clothes

You know how shops are always one season ahead of the weather? And if you want to buy summer clothes during a heatwave in August the stores will be full of winter coats and jumpers? Well plan ahead and buy for the season you are due when you see the stuff. Of course your body won’t spring back to its pre-baby size immediately, but by the time your little one is born your maternity clothes will have gone bobbly and faded and you’ll be dying for a change. A couple of nice (loose) tops tucked away in your wardrobe will make you feel human again when you visit friends or relatives

Do a freezer audit

All of us have things lurking in our freezer taking up space that we are never going to eat. Whilst you a pregnant, go through the freezer and be ruthless with the contents, binning what doesn’t appeal to you in order to create some room for things that you actually like. If you are feeling super-organised and ambitious in the last couple of months you can do some bulk cooking of tasty dishes, but failing that make sure you have a few of your favourite freezer food in stock to take the pressure off thinking about what to cook.

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karen June 15, 2015 - 7:32 pm

All great tips Clare and loving your bump photo. What a fab colourful photo x

Kate June 17, 2015 - 6:47 am

Some great tips here. I hadn’t even thought of the freezer thing but what a good idea. Thanks!x


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