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Is this the coolest shower head ever?

by Clare Mansell

Last year we were asked to review a fantastic luxury shower head from Methven. At the time we were in the middle of our house renovations and showering crouched over a bath off our kitchen, but even in these circumstances it was pretty clear that Methven had produced something really special that trasformed even our humble bathroom set-up into something almost spa like. After the house was complete we immediately swapped the head over to the shower in our new en suite and have been using it ever since.

Then last month Methven contacted me again asking if I’d like to review the latest shower head in their range. I did wonder how on earth they would improve on the one we had last time, but then I saw it and it slightly blew my mind… Where the heck does the water come from?


Your eyes are not deceiving you, the Aurajet has a huge hole in the middle of it right where you would expect the water to come out! Before we plumbed it in, I showed it to a few people and they all said variations of “But how..?” or “But where..?”

The design is extremely clever. The water comes out of the circular part of the head and is angled in such a way that the jets collide and produce a lovely rainfall effect that delivers up to 20% more total spray force than a conventional head and double the water coverage on the skin. I always say to people that I feel like you get wetter standing under a Methven shower head than under a traditional shower, which is the only way I can really explain it.

The short video below shows it in action and the very clever way that the individual jets come together to create a very special shower.

I must say that every time I have a rubbish shower in a hotel or B&B (which is sadly more often than not) I feel strangely compelled to tell the owners to buy one of these shower heads as they’d make such a difference!

So anyway, now we have two shower heads fighting for our affections. The Kaha is brilliant, but the Aurajet looks amazing and is slightly cheaper too…

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Donna June 24, 2015 - 9:31 pm

I am dreaming of one day having an amazing shower in our house! This looks as cool as a Dyson fan! x

Marc F July 2, 2015 - 3:13 pm

All I can say is WOW! The future IS HERE! I’m now going on their site and ordering one! It also says it saves on your water and heating bills, which I’m well up for!

Methven is definitely in the same league as Dyson and Apple. LOVE IT!


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