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What’s really in my bag (the unglamorous truth)

by Clare Mansell
What’s really in my bag (the unglamorous truth)

Is it just me who reads blog posts about what people keep in their change bags with a mixture of admiration and bewilderment? I’m not quite sure how it happened but nearly four years after Theo was born I have never actually got round to purchasing a proper change bag and I rarely leave the house with all the required child friendly kit, which has resulted more than once in some treasured family moments, like the time we went to the Isle Of Wight for the day and Theo had to walk round the zoo in his pants cause I had no clean trousers for him. Oh how we laughed…

As you will see my bags need to BIG as well as functional and I like a shoulder strap too. Something like Pink Lining’s Bramley Tote would suit me perfectly and still accommodate my SLR. In the autumn my bag contents will be changing slightly when Theo heads off to school and a new baby arrives needing bottles and nappies to be carried along too.

But until then here are two very different views of my bag, to begin with the bag that I feel I should be leaving the house with…

 The Dream


  1. A full set of season appropriate, size appropriate children’s clothing
  2. Baby wipes and a nappy bag to bundle up any wet pants or used baby wipes
  3. Make-up essentials. Usually miniature versions that reside permanently in your bag and not messy old ones you borrow from the bathroom
  4. Childrens book, diary and pen. Book to read to them when they are bored and diary to keep note of important future social dates, vaccinations and stuff like that
  5. A sealed bottle of water
  6. Healthy snacks beautifully presented in a tiny plastic box
  7. Sunglasses with a case
  8. Keys
  9. Blogger business cards. Because you never know when an opportunity might arise to find a new reader
  10. Kiddy first aid kit. So you can apply comfort and medical care without breaking a sweat
  11. iPhone. For Instagramming your photogenic lunch
  12. Purse. With actual real money in it and useful brand loyalty cards to glamorous stores

And what I really leave the house with (on a good day)…

The Reality


  • A hankerchief. It’s like baby wipes yet more versatile. You can use it to blow your nose, clean the camera lens or with the addition of (2) wipe a child’s face. Sometimes I even put a fresh one in the bag!
  • An open bottle of water. It’s probably been open way to long, but whoever opened it only drunk a tiny bit so I haven’t got round to throwing the rest away
  • My camera. Any change-bag has to accommodate this and any child related contents have to fit round it
  • Similar to nappy bags, but stronger and they serve a dual purpose and lets face it, they may not be pretty, but they go in the bin anyway
  • Receipts. For long forgotten purchases or proof of posting for things (eventually) sent at the post office (see 9)
  • Cars. A great small toy which fits in easily next to the camera. Theo did really love these about a year ago, but I think he’s getting a little bored of them now
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses. I have a case for them. Are they ever together in the same bag? Don’t be silly.
  • Something I need to post. It’s ready for the post office, but first I like to give it a little tour of the county first
  • Pen (no notepad, that would be too organised) and dog whistle. Because I’m often seen standing in the middle of the field/beach/park trying to retrieve a wayward animal long after the boy has decided he wants to go home
  • Phone in old flaking case. It’s on my list to replace this this week. It actually looks better in the photo than in reality
  • Purse. Usually never contains real money or the change I need for the car park

This is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search. Pink Lining make beautiful bags for stylish organised mummies and also (I hope) for slightly haphazard ones like me.

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Kate June 30, 2015 - 6:37 am

Haha I’m with you on the receipts and letters you need to post (but give them a tour for a few days first!) x

Nancy July 1, 2015 - 7:49 pm

At least you get the letters in the mail. Mine don’t always make it there. I had to bring the last one home and tape up the envelope cuz it was so ratty. And we are long past the diaper stage – I remember emptying our old car before it was sold. I found a diaper (the youngest was about 8) but I had such a bad memory for bringing stuff with me – that I decided to equip the car with an outfit for me and the babe, wipes (for all purposes), and of course diapers!!

robyn July 7, 2015 - 6:20 pm

I don’t even carry a bag anymore, a box of buttons exploded in my favourite bag about 6 months ago… it seemed like such an effort to try and organise them – amongst the receipts, hair grips and other random sewing accessories, I just threw it in the bottom of my wardrobe and left it! Ha.


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