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What would you replace if you could?

by Clare Mansell
What would you replace if you could?

What would you replace in your home if you could? Are there things you own that are past their best and never seem like a priority to replace? Or perhaps (like me) you have a couple of items that have done you long service but would benefit from an upgrade?

This was the question recently posed to me by the team at Legal & General and I’ve spent a good few days considering what to pick, in the end I chose two items I really love and use nearly daily, but which are approaching retirement.

Macbook Pro

First of my list is my Macbook Pro. I always reckoned you could get about 4 years out of a good laptop and I’ve had this one for 6 now. Early on its life it acquired a huge dent in its shell in an accident I have no recollection of, the battery has died, the power lead needs replacing and it runs at a speed that would test the patience of most! It’s also suffered recently from the attentions of a small boy who although prohibited from using it, did decide to enhance its exterior decoration a little!

2009 macbook pro

But honestly I still love it and I would say completely sincerely that if someone offered to take it away now and replace it with a top of the range PC laptop I would choke on my tea and wrestle it back from them! So I am slowly and patiently saving up for its replacement which will be the 11 inch Macbook Air. Every time we pass through a John Lewis store, I make a little detour to the technology department and just have a look at one of the models on display. They are so tiny and light and sexy – One day they shall be mine!

My Roberts Radio

This FM radio was bought for me as a Christmas present by my parents at least 15 years ago and has toured the world with me and had a huge amount of use. Like my Macbook it also has war wounds. In Cyprus it used to sit on top of the ancient free-standing oven we had in our quarter and I didn’t realise until it was too late that the top of the oven (where the grill was) actually got very hot. So if you look at the bottom right of the radio now you will notice there is actually an ugly brown burn mark on it!

Pink roberst radio in a sewing room

It still works perfectly well, but where I use it in the cabin (aka the She-Shed) the FM reception is a little dodgy, so ideally I would love to replace it with a DAB Roberts Radio (maybe in duck egg blue?) and then this one would be allowed to retire to another part of the house.

What are the things in your home that are top of the list for upgrading? Are they necessities for the household or is there room in the queue for nice things for you too?


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Donna July 2, 2015 - 9:40 pm

We have a Roberts radio, purely to look at! I am also wondering whether I should take the leap and get a MacBook…. Hmmm! x

Robyn July 7, 2015 - 5:37 pm

Oh the Macbook air is a dream to work on, I don’t think I could ever comfortably use any other laptop ever again!


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