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My favourite sewing pattern for children’s shorts

by Clare Mansell
My favourite sewing pattern for children’s shorts

You may have noticed this blog has been a little quiet for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been working hard to finish a quilt by this weekend and whilst I’m busy sewing I thought it would be a good chance to do a long overdue post about my favourite sewing pattern for children.

I see a lot of mother’s of girls making pretty skirts every summer, but it often seems that the options for boys are a little more limited or look harder to make and this doesn’t have to be the case. I have been making shorts for Theo ever since he was a baby using the Parsley Pants pattern by Made by Rae who has a brilliant blog and pattern shop.

shorts Collage

The pattern cost me $10 and has so far served me three years worth of growth, but it actually runs up to age 10, so I’ve got a lot of use left in it. Initially when I made Theo the original age 2 shorts (like the car design above) I could get away with using a fat quarter of fabric (costing £3 or £4) but now he’s older and I’m adding extra details like pockets I need a half metre. That does mean it is often more expensive than buying shorts in shops, but Theo loves choosing the material and watching the pattern come together and he gets a pair of shorts out of it that are different from anyone elses.

The most successful pair I ever made (top left) were actually cut from a vintage tablecloth, so you don’t need to be confined to buying expensive modern fabrics, you can upcycle or hunt around for cheaper options . I’ve also made a couple of pairs of trousers for him using the same Parsley Pants pattern, but it’s harder to get the length right with trousers and I also struggle to find the right winter weight fabrics.


If you are a beginner sewer this pattern is totally within your grasp. You can start with the most basic shorts (no pockets) and after sewing two seams you will have something that actually looks like an item of clothing. Just add elastic for the waist and turn up the hems on the leg and you are there!

You can find the pattern here and the tutorial showing you the small adjustment needed to make shorts here.

Theo has already chosen his next half metre of fabric which features vintage cars all over it, so they’ll be no rest for me when the quilt is finished!

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