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Analogue August

by Clare Mansell
Analogue August

If there was one clear message that came out of the two blogging conferences I attended earlier this summer it was that we should all endeavor to “find our tribe.” Finding a community to support, inspire and answer questions keeps us all on track in what can be quite a solitary hobby or vocation. I consider myself very lucky to have fallen into the company of some wonderful photography bloggers who are happy to chat about cameras, kit and ideas and it’s through bouncing thoughts around that an idea has sprung for a great summer project…


Analogue August is a photography project that means different things to different people. Fundamentally it’s a chance to try something different with your photography by switching to another camera, trying out film and being a bit experimental, but there’s another level to it too. For my involvement in the project I have bought two disposable cameras, one with black and white film and one with colour. I love the idea that these will be a time capsule of our summer which will only be revealed at the beginning of September when we get the film developed and look back on the month. I also love the idea of playing with black and white (with no option to just stay with colour!) and finally of having a camera which I can hand to Theo and let him experiment a bit with without fear of him dropping it!

I won’t be giving up my digital SLR entirely (that would be too extreme for me!) but instead I’ll be taking the disposable film cameras (and my Fujifilm Instax) along with me to see what different types of photos I can capture. The last time I shot film was two years ago on a weekend photography course in Brighton and it was mostly inspiring and a little terrifying. If you feel inspired to join us, please do. Disposable cameras cost about £10 each and I’ve created a collaborative Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration of film photography here, please feel free to ask for an invite if you’d like to join…

Follow Maybush Studio – Family & Lifestyle Blog’s board Analogue August on Pinterest.

PS – Pop over to the Shutterflies blog and read Hayley’s post about why she is joining Analogue August…

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Debbie August 4, 2015 - 10:04 am

That is such a good idea! It challenges you creatively to take different photos. It’ll be nice to see the end results.
I’m considering buying an Fujifilm Instax, is it worth it?
Off to stalk Pinterest now.

Jenna August 4, 2015 - 3:12 pm

I love this idea. I use analogue a fair bit now since getting a Lomography camera for Christmas. I have shared a few of my photos on my blog if you fancy a look.

I would really like to join in with you guys! 🙂



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