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Jodi Picoult, Walk in wardrobes and chuckling Sam… #LittleLoves

by Clare Mansell
Jodi Picoult, Walk in wardrobes and chuckling Sam… #LittleLoves



I’m coming to the end of reading Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time.  As with all her books it is very skillfully written and clearly loads of research has been put into it but it’s also plodded along a bit and only now (page 300-ish) has the plot really started to get interesting. I’m looking forward to finishing it this weekend and moving on to reading the Ice Twins which sounds fantastic!


I started watching the latest series of Under The Dome on Channel 5 and it’s been a bit of a disappointment, I feel like we are wandering into Lost territory as the plot gets more and more bizarre and the writers seem like they are making it up as they go along. Good job there’s the Great British Bake Off to watch and are latest boxset of Orange Is The New Black on Amazon Prime!



In your third trimester you can’t beat a nice comfy pair of shoes and my bright yellow Supergas tick the boxes in every way. I had to do a lot of searching to actually find a pair in my size and colour at the beginning of the summer, but it was totally worth it. I even bonded with my GP over our love of yellow shoes the other day!


As an avid Radio 4 listener I was delighted to hear Stepping Stones this week all about the Morris Minor, or rather all about the evocative sound of the Morris Minor! We’ve only had Maggie for a couple of weeks, but already the rasp of the engine and the clunk of the doors have embedded themselves in my mind and I’m sure that anyone else who has been in contact with one of these iconic cars would enjoy the short program too. The program told the story of Sam a Morris who apparently “chuckled” as he went along!



Although the weather hasn’t been great, we had a busy and very productive time in the house this week. It’s now a year since we completed our external makeover and first floor extension, but we haven’t had the time or the funds to do all the little jobs immediately and now after 12 months we finally feel like we are getting towards the bottom of the long list! Jim fitted out our walk-in wardrobe (which thanks to Ikea, ended up costing less than £70 to do!) and we painted a couple of bits of furniture with Annie Sloan (which I’ll do a post about later!) The whole house is starting to look much more finished and Jim still has 3 weeks of leave left!

And Lastly


Also on our list for August was giving our lawn some TLC. We had a helping had from Miller Race Garden Centre who gifted us some fertilizer and seed to help start things off.

The Miracle Gro Patch Magic is a favourite product of mine which is very easy to apply and produces the first grass shoots within a week, but at about £10 for each container is not something you can use on a large area. The Evergreen Complete is totally new to me. We had to wait a little while for the “fine weather” they suggest spreading it in, but did so last weekend. Of course it’s rained pretty much every day since then and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I haven’t noticed any noticeable results yet.

Do you have any tips for getting a green lawn? Having two female dogs doesn’t help, but we also suffer from having more weeds than grass in some places!

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Louisa August 14, 2015 - 1:47 pm

Your shoes are gorgeous. I have walk in wardrobe envy, what a lovely thing to have 🙂
I will investigate the patch magic for the lawn. Ours is suffering with 2 dogs and definitely needs some tlc.
I’ll keep an eye out for your post on Annie Sloan paint. It has long been on my to do list but I wonder about whether to varnish it afterwards or not.
Have a lovely week x

My Two Mums August 14, 2015 - 1:47 pm

I love Jodie Picoult books but haven’t read one in a while. You may have inspired me to pick one up again.

Jess @ Along Came Cherry August 14, 2015 - 4:22 pm

Love the yellow shoes 🙂 x

Donna August 14, 2015 - 9:20 pm

We have patchy grass so some great tips there. I can’t actually believe you’re in the third trimester – that has flown! I can’t wait for your baby announcement! Have a lovely weekend x

Charlotte August 16, 2015 - 8:56 am

Those shoes! Swoon! *swoon*

Oh, to have a walk in wardrobe one day!

Nikki August 18, 2015 - 8:25 am

A great Blog! With a female dog who leaves brown patches on our lawn, I use Aussie Rocks in her water bowl…..Two normal looking rocks, very skeptical at first, but they actually work! and true to lasting three months as well, Give it a try!

Morgana @ butwhymummywhy August 19, 2015 - 5:55 pm

I love those yellow Supergas!Perfect to brighten up the grey weather we’ve been having recently.
Hope you’re having a good week this week xxx


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