Home family life 34 weeks… and measuring big

34 weeks… and measuring big

by Clare Mansell
34 weeks pregnant

So, 34 weeks done and into the home straight. I know people say the second pregnancy flies by but this one seems to have been going on forever!

I had my 34 week check-up last Wednesday and almost everything is as it should be, although my fundal height is now edging off the chart! According to the midwife it is “all baby” and not excess fluid or me, they are going to remeasure me next week and see if I’m continuing to grow larger than I should and if so a scan may be required. I’ve put on about a stone and a half, which is within the advised range, though I do have another 6-8 weeks to go!

34 weeks pregnant

Large babies do run in our family so I’m not fretting too much. When I was born I was taken to intensive care as they thought I might be diabetic, my sister had two large babies and Theo was nearly 9lbs. Fortunately I had the gestational diabetes test at 29 weeks and my results came back clear so that is at least one thing we can rule out!

Next week I have a visit from the midwife to discuss a home birth and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that this one makes an appearance within the window of time to make that possible. Jim is away for work during the week and so my sister and parents will have to be on standby throughout October to cover for him – It’s going to be a bit of a dry month for everyone!

Symptoms wise, getting on and off the sofa is a bit of a challenge, but apart from that my main complaint is heartburn, it is mostly in the evenings, but sometimes plagues me all day. Fortunately I love drinking milk and a nice cold glass of it is like pouring water on to a fire!

Theo starting school means I am doing more walking than ever, 15 minutes each way twice a day plus the dog walk, so about 2 hours in total. The midwife assures me it’s brilliant for your pelvis, but I do go to bed absolutely exhausted every night!

As far as decorating the nursery, it is about 75% there and will be finished entirely by the end of the month, there’s just one or two bits that I need (or want!) to buy and the cot needs assembling too. When Theo was born he had a very small room in our house in Scotland, but this time his sibling will have a much larger one and it is proving trickier to fill and make look cosy without buying furniture for the sake of it.

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Em @ snowingindoors September 16, 2015 - 10:09 am

You’re looking great, and I’m glad that diabetes has been ruled out, I can’t wait to meet the new arrival 🙂 xx

karen September 19, 2015 - 9:44 pm

Looking fabulous clare. Fingers crossed you get your home birth and everything goes smoothly x


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