Scenes from our Sunday

I don’t seem to have been picking my camera up as much as I’d like recently and although I’m pretty sure my hard-drive is enjoying the break, I’m sad that I’ve been missing stuff and I need to change that.

During October I’m guesting over at Living Arrows which is a great motivator to start thinking creatively again and I also decided to join the #1day12pics link up this weekend. Technically Saturday was the actual day, but as I spent nearly all day in the basement of the Science Centre in Winchester, I decided to take photos on Sunday instead when we were all at home together.

I always try and remind myself that the everyday can be very routine and dull to us, but it’s often what is intriguing to other people. Those little windows into our lives that show our similarities and differences.

There’s a similar photo project which runs on the 10th of each month (next Saturday) over at Rebekah Gough’s blog and I think I might jump on that too, I found as yesterday progressed I got more and more into the swing of taking photos and was happier with the results…


Linking up with Katie and…

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