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Making over the world’s ugliest shed

by Clare Mansell
Making over the world’s ugliest shed

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ronseal and asked if I’d like to be involved in a project to makeover my shed. I did hesitate briefly because our shed is (to be entirely honest) hideous! It was old and tatty when we bought our house 6 years ago and age has not been kind to it. It is shoved in a corner of our garden and inside it’s stuffed to the gills with tools and gardening things.


To be entirely honest I would never have bothered to spend the money on a tin of paint for it because we thought it was beyond hope. Even Jim thought it was a bit of a waste of energy investing any time on it when I told him about the Ronseal project, but hey they were sending me a free tin of paint, what’s the worst that could happen?!

So are you ready? Here in all its glory is the before photograph of our shed…


I wasn’t holding out much¬† hope to be honest!

Anyway, a week or so ago a parcel arrived containing my paint, paintbrushes, some lovely bunting, an enamel mug and a few other bits and bobs. The colour that had been chosen for me was a lovely muted shade of green.

The instructions on the tin seemed pretty straight forward and I was delighted to discover that Ronseal is water based which makes the brushes so much easier to wash up. (I really hate faffing with paintbrush cleaner as it never seems to work properly) So with a week of beautiful weather forecast I decided to seize the moment and get painting!


I brushed down the surface of the wood first just to remove cobwebs and dust and then got the paintbrush out. The first coat took me about four hours to do, but it was hugely satisfying as the difference was immediately apparent.

Ronseal recommend three coats but our 1 litre tin only did for two, although I’m still more than happy with that. The second coat was much speedier to apply that the first as it glided on to the base coat quite effortlessly.

And the results were quite amazing…


After I finished it a funny thing happened. The new smarter exterior spurred us on to tidy up the inside too. Jim took our second mower out and gave it a run across the grass before deciding it was fit only for the dump. Then I emptied out everything else, threw the rubbish away and organised everything else.

There are no before photos of the inside cause I literally couldn’t get into it to take one, but now things have a place and we have discovered tools we didn’t know we owned!


If truth be told, I’m now slightly embarrassed that we neglected our shed quite as much as we did. It’s not a bad shed, it was just a bit tatty and unloved, nothing that a few hours in the garden couldn’t sort out. As well as smartening up the exterior, the paint has done something else rather remarkable, it has made the shed blend in to the garden. Before painting it I never realised quite how much it stuck out. You could see it from our kitchen window when I was doing the washing up and you could see it from down our lane, now it just sort of disappears into the trees!

In fact there is only one problem with the success of this project which is that I now have 100ft of fencing that I keep looking at and thinking “How much better would that look if I painted it too…”

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Linda October 8, 2015 - 6:31 am

What an amazing result! No wonder you are pleased. An added bonus to have been spurred on to clear out the inside too. Very satisfying.


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