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My winter footwear purchases

by Clare Mansell
My winter footwear purchases

During the spring and summer shoes I never seem to give shoes much thought. I have some trusty Saltwater sandals, a few pairs of flip-flops and some plimsols and they seem to cover most of the bases, but when autumn comes and the muddy dog walks start again I always find myself needing new footwear and I really, really hate spending money on shoes which fail me so I tend to do a lot of research before I buy.

winter shoes

Last year I spent ages choosing which wellies to buy (I walk a lot of miles in them!) before spending over £100 on a pair of Aigles which did me brilliantly right up until the point I had them stolen from outside my house a few weeks ago (don’t even start me!)

Having really wrestled with the idea of spending so much on a pair of wellington boots I was really loathed to do the same again and not just because of the cost but because the neoprene lining made them hard to get on and off, the green was a little boring and I had heard from another Aigle owner that they weren’t entirely leak proof either, so I decided to try another brand…

joules wellies

If you read my original post you’ll see I explored nearly all of the big brands of wellies before I made my choice and repeatedly came up against complaints that the boots had poor grip or leaked. Hunters that used to be so reliable are now under different ownership and even carry a disclaimer on their website saying that many of their boots are designed for “light fashion wear” they also retail for £95 and are only guaranteed for a year!

So my choice this winter was to buy a pair of Joules wellies, they are also only guaranteed for a year (I have the receipt pinned to my noticeboard and will keep a very close eye on the date!) but they retail for £39.95 and I was given a 30% blogger discount code at Britmums which made them a very affordable £27. Oh and they are RED… a joyous happy colour that brings a smile to my face whenever I’m forced out in a downpour!


So next on my list was winter boots. My last pair which I bought two winters ago from Zalando, had a zip on the side which eventually ceased working and I wanted something comfortable and hard-wearing. I have been toying with the idea of buying Doc Martens for years and I always bottled it at the last moment when people put me off with tales of breaking them in and metal toe caps! Despite all of that when I spotted a 20% discount at Cloggs I decided to order a pair and try them anyway and I got a very pleasant surprise!

The boots I ordered are Pascals which are extremely light, do not have a steel toe cap and have very soft leather. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks and there have been no issues with breaking them in. I won’t lie they did look huge on my feet to begin with, but I’ve got over that quite quickly!


And finally the least sexiest of all winter shoes… slippers! Shoes come off at the door in our house, but I also spend a lot of time at home and need something supportive to walk round in. This has proved quite a tricky thing to get right and has resulted in me wearing flimsy footwear that makes my feet ache.

I have tried and sent back many pairs of slippers and been put off others because they are too fluffy for daytime wear, so I have to say a huge thank you to Ellie who put me on to Haflingers who are a German brand who make boiled wool slippers with a proper sturdy sole. My first pair arrived today (in a wonderful grass green colour) and as soon as I slid my feet inside I knew I had a winning brand. They do cost £40, but are definitely worth spending a bit extra on.

PS – Joules are currently running a competition to win a luxury break in the UK worth up to £5,000 by designing your own Joules welly. Click on the banner below to enter and for every entry I will earn a small referral fee…


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The Reading Residence October 14, 2015 - 10:27 am

Loving your choices! I have Joules wellies, too, which are serving me well though I don’t wear them as often as you need to. Love the Docs, and I’m a sucker for a new pair of slippers. In fact, you’ve got me thinking I may need a new pair…

Ellie October 14, 2015 - 1:58 pm

I’m so glad you like the Haflinger slippers, Claire. Mine are so cosy, but really supportive, too.
Oh god, I sound like such an old woman!

Jane Geoghegan October 14, 2015 - 7:49 pm

I like the look of your slippers, I might have to try them on 🙂

Eleanor October 15, 2015 - 11:50 am

That’s so funny Clare. I remember you last year debating wellies and I mentioned I had just bought a pair of Joules wellies, which you questioned as I did so because they were reduced. Hate to say that they were RUBBISH! My feet were damp in them from day one, and I never got round to retuning them so I ended up binning them. ALSO, I have literally just today been looking at DM’s online as I really fancy re-investing in the same pair of DM loafers I used to wear in my school days. It appears they are trendy again – a 25 year fashion cycle? 😉

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