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Quilted giant floor cushions

by Clare Mansell
Quilted giant floor cushions

The nice thing about this period of waiting near the end of my pregnancy is that as my diary is relatively empty, I have time to do less urgent things. These giant floor cushions are a classic example of a really enjoyable project which I would never have got round to normally and it was doubly satisfying because I put them together using only the supplies I had already…


The 30 x 30″ down inners for these cushions are at least 10 years old and originally came from Ikea. I had them on our bed for a while with white pillow slips on and then consigned them to storage in the airing cupboard.

The blocks which I covered them with were made by members of my quilt bee. I asked them to make bright crosses on low volume backgrounds and I expected a rainbow of shades to land in my mailbox. In reality most of the blocks that came back to me were warm colours, with only three blues (out of 18) and no greens.

All lovely blocks, but not varied enough for a quilt (lesson learned, I should have just asked for warms or been a bit more specific about my mix!) So I decided to use them for the cushions instead where they could be matched into colour groups more easily. One cushion has warm colours on one side and cool on the other and the other is warm on both sides.


The blocks were based around this free tutorial and had a finished dimension of 14 inches square, so I added an inch and a half of sashing round the edges in red stripe to bring them up to the size I needed.

Next I made a sandwich with each finished top with some cotton wadding and fabric to back it and quilted the layers. I want these cushions to get used a lot and therefore washed a lot, so by quilting them it helps keep all the seams stable and of course it also makes them even more squishy!


I famously avoid putting zips into things if I can possibly help it, but this time I decided I would face my nemesis, so I worked slowly through this tutorial and it actually wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I was imagining…


The zips I had at home were only about half the width of the cushion, but still long enough to do the job… and the right colour!

Theo immediately adopted the first finished cushion for his bedroom and the second ended up not on the floor, but actually on the sofa!


I remember now that towards the end of my last pregnancy these oversize cushions were just right for supporting me and perhaps on some level that’s why I dug them out again… Anyway, it’s the most comfortable I have been for months sitting on our sofa, so hurray to that!

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Dawn & Bean October 21, 2015 - 12:12 pm

Fantastic cushions Clare! Love that pick of Theo too 🙂

Louisa October 21, 2015 - 6:57 pm

Fabulous cushions. Once our puppy has finished chewing all our soft furnishings I’ll have to make some new ones for our lounge. I like the idea of oversized squashy cushions like this. So snuggly x

Donna October 21, 2015 - 9:08 pm

Those cushions are incredible! I want some!!! Beautiful colours too and a great size x

Carin October 23, 2015 - 5:32 am

Fantastic cushions! I love them! And it must be so nice to get to the not so urgent stuff.


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