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Autumn luncheon with Hector & The Fox

by Clare Mansell
Autumn luncheon with Hector & The Fox

Sometimes you are lucky enough to get exactly what you need in life, when you need it. Sitting around waiting for a baby to arrive exactly what I needed on Monday was an afternoon of good company and wonderful food and thanks to my blogger friend Alys and the talented duo behind Hector & The Fox that’s exactly what I got…


I passed my due date last Friday, I’m still healthy and mobile with no sign of the baby wanting to make an appearance at any time soon (Theo was two weeks overdue and induced) but a little hesitant to put anything in my diary.

I honestly think Alys slightly miscalculated my due date when she invited me as her lunch buddy and I kept everything crossed that I wouldn’t have to let her down at the last moment… which (hurray!) I didn’t!


So off we went on an expedition into the West Sussex countryside on the promise of lunch. Hector & The Fox are (to quote their Twitter profile) “the passionate organisers of very special events in Sussex.”  They have a venue in an old mill near Petworth which is often a tea room, sometimes a sales venue and occasionally a pop up restaurant for seasonal lunches. It’s friendly, exclusive and welcoming all in one… and they serve damn good food.


We joined them for an October lunch of Pumpkin Arrancini, Sussex chicken with wild mushrooms and Pear and Almond Sponge pudding served with a welcome drink of Bramble fizz.


Also on our table was Julia from Winter’s Moon (a seriously beautiful online homeware store) and her husband Pete and we had a really relaxing time eating warming dishes and chatting. In fact I was slightly horrified when I checked my watch and realised we’d been there for two and a half hours and the “couple of hours” my mum would be looking after Theo over lunch had got ever so slightly longer…


For thoroughness we sampled a slice of the alternative main course of roasted vegetable tart between us (yum!) and went back for seconds of the pudding (well there were two dishes of it, it’s important to check they were the same, right?)

If I wasn’t fit for bursting when I arrived, I certainly was when I left, which is fine by me at the moment. I’m big into snacking on cheese and biscuits in the evening and avoiding the hassle of cooking a proper meal for one.


Paulo & Ian who run Hector & The Fox are in their current venue till Christmas and then they’ll be moving to another location to continue their events. There are still spaces for their Sussex lunches in November & December and they have secretive projects up their sleeve for 2016 which sound intriguing.


You can find out more on their website or by following them on social media where you can drool over photos of their delicious dishes…

Hector & The Fox
Burton Mill
GU28 0JR


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Carie October 27, 2015 - 6:28 am

Oh that does look good! Even first thing in the morning it’s making me feel hungry 🙂

Dawn & Bean October 27, 2015 - 8:49 am

Looks fab and what a great way to spend an autumn afternoon 🙂

Nancy October 28, 2015 - 12:53 am

Quince jelly – the last time I had that was 30 years ago – my mother used to make it.

Julia Grant October 28, 2015 - 11:28 am

It was lovely to meet you Clare – you have summed up the event perfectly!

Good luck with the arrival of your bump!

Julia x


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