Cooking your way to a healthy smile

A couple of weeks ago when we were navigating through the first sleepless nights and bleary eyed days with a newborn, we received a delivery of an organic vegetable box from Abel & Cole. The food was part of a promotion with SimplyHealth where we were being challenged to cook our way to a healthy smile. The timing of the delivery was in some respects brilliant (just as our fridge was running dry!) and in other respects a little less so…

To be entirely honest just getting up each day and working through the household chores was enough of a challenge and creative thinking was a little beyond me within the shelf life of some of the foods we were supplied, so I didn’t entirely do the project justice, but we did manage a few rather tasty nutritious lunches and all the food got eaten, even if it didn’t get photographed!


Central to everything was a couple of loaves of walnut bread. We make almost all our own bread and as nuts were supplied in our food box I decided to add some to my normal loaf for a bit of extra crunch and flavour. This recipe makes enough for two loaves and you can chuck it in a bread maker or kneed it depending on your preferred method.

600g strong plain flour
200g granary flour
200g rye flour
100g crushed walnuts
20g dried yeast
20g salt
700g water

Prove for one hour, kneed, place in two loaf tins, prove for another 30 mins and finally cook at the highest setting on your oven for 30 mins.

For lunch I made use of some potted crab we were provided with and tried fresh sandwiches with lettuce and mayonnaise and toasted ones with grated cheddar, both were delicious and reminded me that I really should buy crab more often


If you are interested in improving your dental health, SimplyHealth have produced an infographic all about the superfoods that are great for your teeth. Who knew Pomegranate was good for fighting plaque!?


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