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Scenes from our Sunday (6th December)

by Clare Mansell
Scenes from our Sunday (6th December)

Another month has flown by and as we approached the first weekend of the month I really wondered if I’d have a chance to record our day in photos, but once I started taking pictures I was so pleased I had bothered. When you have a baby the day to day routine changes subtly every week and moments vanish before you have recorded them. Alice has already moved from being a newborn to an infant and we have changed too, managing to juggle two children with more ease.

Last month I asked if anyone would be interested in linking up to this post once a month and thanks to the positive responses I had, I have decided to go ahead. From January this monthly photo collection will be known as Family Life and my hope is that by inviting others to join in, it will become more of a photo project than a linky, with the emphasis on sharing creative ideas about how to document our family lives, rather than being just another link up.

I’ll tell you more when it launches on January 4th and if you’d like a nudge on Twitter to remind you to take photos on the first weekend of January please leave your Twitter handle in the comments.

In the meantime this is what our day looked like yesterday. You’ll notice that poor Theo is showing the scars of a rather spectacular bike accident in the playground on Friday, but it hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for caring for his sister…


Hope you can join me next month!

Living Arrows

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Em @ snowingindoors December 8, 2015 - 8:25 pm

I love seeing Theo doting on his sister, what an awesome big brother.
I can’t wait to join in with this, please remind me though, you know what I’m like 😉 xx

Kerri-Ann December 14, 2015 - 7:24 am

I really do love this round up. Children aside how beautiful are your doggies?! I would love to take part. So is the first post 4th Jan? That’s my birthday so I’ll make sure I’m ready from the weekend before, my twitter is @kahargreaves x #livingarrows

My Two Mums December 14, 2015 - 2:46 pm

What a lovely idea for a project. I love seeing how people spend their day. I shall be checking back to see how you get on.


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