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Alice at two months

by Clare Mansell
Alice at two months

Another month has gone by and Alice’s personality is starting to emerge. While some people mourn the passing of the newborn days, I find babies more interesting the older they get and once the first six weeks had passed Alice became noticeably more alert and interactive.

She is now sleeping through the night from about 6:30pm to 7.30am with a late feed at about 11pm and she has about two and a half hours sleep in the middle of the day. She has started cooing and trying to find her voice and is laughing and smiling too. Where as Theo’s first laugh came as a direct result of some underarm tickling, Alice seems to giggle at jokes none of the rest of us are aware of. She finds her big brother fascinating and saved some of her earliest smiles just for him.

two months old

Whilst Theo is the thing she finds most interesting to look at, the thing she enjoys listening to most is Noah & The Whale! I also used to like Noah & The Whale until Alice came along and now playing it has become the default solution for getting her to stop crying and so I’m getting slightly bored of hearing the album every day!

Apart from the odd spell of crying when she is tired, she is generally a very content baby. We used a dummy with Alice for her first few weeks which provided comfort for her when we were doing the school run or she was having trouble settling, but as with Theo the use of it tailed off naturally and she stopped needing it at about six weeks old, much to Theo’s disappointment as he’d just learned how to sterilise it in the microwave!


During her six week check the GP diagnosed Talipes (better known as club feet) It was spotted at birth, but the midwife wasn’t overly concerned. The GP however is being cautious and has referred us to a physiotherapist. While we await her appointment we are doing some simple exercises with her at every nappy change to try and encourage her feet to straighten up. We are not overly concerned at this stage, but it would be nice to have her looked at by an expert.

Despite her wayward feet she has incredible strength in her legs already and was able to support her weight on them when she was just over a month old. She seems quite a determined soul when she locks her legs in place, tries to hold her head up and babbles at us!

Just before Christmas she had her eight week vaccinations. Having not received a letter from our GP I was unaware that they have added two inoculations to the list and was a little thrown to find out at the appointment that she would be getting the rotavirus and meningitis B as well as the other jabs Theo had had. Despite the warnings of the risk of her running a temperature and having a disturbed night, she actually slept through without any issues at all, though I spent all night repeatedly waking anticipating problems… of course!

Over the last couple of weeks she’s been lapping up all the attention that the Christmas period has brought having lots of cuddles with her cousins and a few lunchtime naps at her grandparents so that we can run errands and leave her to doze. She prefers to be held rather than sitting in a chair, but s each day passes she manages longer and longer stretches on her own which is all good news for next week when Jim goes back to work and I’m left on my own!

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies December 30, 2015 - 8:37 pm

Aww she is just such a little sweetie! I can’t believe she’s two months all ready! And fingers crossed that her tailpes sorts itself out with the exercises.


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