Home photography Living Arrows 4/52 – A haircut!

Living Arrows 4/52 – A haircut!

by Clare Mansell
Living Arrows 4/52 – A haircut!

So just like that, Theo has gone from being terrified of having his hair cut to actually requesting to have it shorter! I’m not entirely sure what happened, but my sister deserves a lot of credit for coaxing him through a cut she did at Christmas time which obviously somehow proved to him he didn’t need to be terrified anymore.

It also probably helps that after being very worried that the girls at school wouldn’t like him with short hair, a new girl in his class has recently declared she wants to marry him (hair length apparently not a deal breaker!)


The new cut is definitely an improvement on the unstyled mess it had become, but I still miss his surfer boy hair a little and I hope he might humour me by growing it a bit longer over the summer. (Typical huh? I’m never happy!)

It’s worth a reminder of how far this boy has come, not in terms of hair length, but in terms of fear of haircuts. Where once he would scream and cry if the scissors came out, this was his look of indifference on Sunday.


We had tried everything before, but where the iPad seemed not to help when he was three, now it enables him to zone out enough to let my sister get the job done with only the odd irritated flinch when the bits of hair go down the back of his neck – and who doesn’t do that?

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Dawn & Bean January 26, 2016 - 4:03 pm

Well done Theo! Very smart 🙂

Donna January 27, 2016 - 8:01 am

Clare, where has your baby gone?! A haircut has grown him up over night!! Really bad grammar there but you know what I mean x


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