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Alice at three months

by Clare Mansell

Hurray for three months! This is where the fun starts and the slightly breakable looking sleepy newborn is replaced by a sturdy interactive baby. Alice is totally living up to the sturdy part of this vision. She’s now 13 lbs and has already managed to rollover twice in the night (and get cross about it too) and can hold her head up and support her weight on her legs. I don’t remember Theo doing the weight-bearing thing at all, so she’s cornered this milestone all for herself.

alice at 3 months

All her growth seems to have gone into length and she’s gone from being around the 50th percentile at birth to the 98th this week. I’m trying to squeeze the last few wears out of her 3-6 month babygrows before we move up a size. I ordered some clothes for her this week in larger sizes and it was total guesswork trying to work out which season it would be by the time she was in 12-18 month clothes. Summer, I hope!

Last week we had her first physio appointment for her Talipes. We’ve been told to continue with exercising her feet at every nappy change and to come back for a check up in another 3 months. If exercises don’t fix it, there are a couple of options including putting her feet and legs in plaster for a few days (eek!) or built up shoes when she starts to walk… but let’s hope we don’t get that far!


In the last month Alice’s personality has really started to emerge. She is smiling a lot and has great bursts of giggling. She enjoys mimicking sounds and seems to be desperate to talk and get her words across. Theo is convinced she already says recognisable words to him!

She continues to be a good sleeper, but for the last month we’ve been employing the magical powers of a Whisbear which we were given to review. The Whisbear is a cuddly white noise generator with long legs who perches on the sides of a cot. We used a white noise app in the early days with Alice, but of course this tied up an iPad and we also needed to ensure it was regularly charged. The Whisbear is a much more sensible use of resources and switching it on has become a regular part of our bedtime routine. Though Alice was sleeping well already, I have found that the Whisbear definitely gets her to sleep much quicker, within a couple of minutes usually, so we will definitely be using it for the longterm.


During the day she spends longer and longer periods happily sitting in a chair watching what is going on, but is unequivocal about her desire to spend most of the rest of the time over someone’s shoulder, usually having a cat nap.

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Maria (one tiny leap) January 29, 2016 - 9:50 am

She’s absolutely adorable Claire! x

Karen January 29, 2016 - 10:54 pm

Oh my goodness how adorable is she? I think the parcel of pink I have for you needs looking at again as she has grown so much. Might need to switch it around a bit. Totally beautiful xx

Pamela | Life With Munchers January 31, 2016 - 12:57 pm

Oh C, she’s delicious! Look at those eyes! MM hasn’t done half of that and weighs the same at just over 4 mths. We love the whisbear here too. X


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