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The Year In Books – January

by Clare Mansell
The Year In Books – January

First of all I must say that I have loved the last month of joining in with The Year In Books. It gave me such a good motivation to get my teeth into a brilliant, but actually quite lengthy novel and I suspect that if I hadn’t had a deadline of the end of January to read it by I might never have got off the starting blocks with it (which is no comment on the book, but a very big comment on how slack I have got at reading!)


All The Light We Cannot See is set in the years running up to and during the Second World War. It follows the parallel lives of two young people. Werner a German orphan and Marie-Laure a blind French girl. The outbreak of war drastically alters the routes their lives are to take and we follow them as fate brings them closer and closer together.

I don’t want to give away too much about the plot, but I found it a brilliant and very rewarding read. The relationship between Marie Laure and her father is particularly touching. He does everything he can to protect her from the horrors of the war and his bravery in the letters he writes in the second half of the book is particularly touching.

A few people have commented that the plot fizzles out a bit at the end and I think this is partly because the author has resisted giving it a Hollywood ending. It’ll be very interesting to see if that part of the story gets altered in any way when it does eventually get made into a film, as I’m sure it inevitably will be.

If you choose to read the book I would thoroughly recommend reading this discussion on Good Reads about the ending after you finish it. I found it really enhanced my appreciation of the way the author tied the story up and made me think about aspects of the plot in a very different way.


This month I’m reading a book Jim gave me for Christmas, Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper. It’s set on the Canadian prairies, not too far from where we used to live, so I’m enjoying the descriptions of the landscape and the mentions of towns we knew.

If you are looking for novels to read this year, it’s really worth hopping over to Instagram and searching for #theyearinbooks for a quick dip into what everyone else is reading.

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Donna February 3, 2016 - 11:44 am

I love hearing other people’s book recommendations. I’m trying to read more this year and am writing a list of all the books I read to keep track but usually run out of inspiration so love posts like this x

barbara woods February 3, 2016 - 9:34 pm

i am half way through with this book


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