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Customising and sewing for a four month-old

by Clare Mansell
Customising and sewing for a four month-old

Last weekend I had a rare chance to walk round Chichester without children. It was also the first time I’ve tried looking for baby clothes for Alice in actual shops rather than online and I was slightly taken aback by the prices of some of the things I found. I’m convinced this is at least in part because she’s a girl and girl’s clothing is often more appealing and therefore easier to price up.

In the end I came home almost empty handed except for a multi-pack of M&S t-shirts and I got the sewing machine out. It’s not just the cost, I didn’t want to be sucked into fast fashion of dubious quality and provenance. I have a pretty good fabric stash already and most of the stuff she needs is pretty simple to make and customise. Baby clothing only requires a small amount of fabric and a little knowledge and you can knock up a couple of things in an evening.

My first task was to make some baby skirts. These are simple elastic waist skirts made from one piece of fabric 28″ x 8″. You join the narrow sides together, add an elastic waist (13″ for Alice) sew the hem and you are done. This first one was made from courdroy I had left over from trousers I made for Theo 4 years ago.


Then I made two more. The one below is made from blue cotton from my stash and accessorised with cotton ribbons most of which were salvaged from wrapping over the years. I used the edge of the fabric as the bottom of the skirt so I didn’t even need to add a hem. Very very quick to do…


The M&S t-shirts had a little remake too. I’ve been doing loads of applique recently as I tend to make personalised ones as birthday gifts for Theo’s classmates.  Alice’s first one got a simple letter “a” (you may recognise the fabric from the teepee I made!) It looks a bit wonky in this photo, but trust me you don’t notice when she is wearing it!


And a slightly more complicated design (but still easy to do)


There’s a third one from the set which I still have to make and I’m also going to use this pattern to make some bloomers for under the skirts. I’ve also started a Pinterest board of applique ideas, please feel free to follow.

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Kathy @ Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate February 27, 2016 - 8:53 am

Your clothes are beautiful. Well Done! I live in Chichester and the selection for children clothes in general is quite poor (although I do love our little town). My girl is 6 but is tall and is in 7-8 plus age clothes. Which leaves us with the teenage section of H&M (too grown up IMO) and M&S. Kathy x

Karen February 27, 2016 - 11:16 am

Oh my goodness they are so cute. I’m going to make lots of little skirts this summer as they are so easy even for me. The tahirtd are gorgeous too, must learn how to do that X

Dawn & Bean February 27, 2016 - 3:07 pm

Great customisations! Love the little corduroy skirt, it’s very cute. 🙂

louisa February 27, 2016 - 7:27 pm

Gosh these are really cute. Very Boden-y or joules-y! Out of interest, what thickness elastic do you find best for the waist band?

[email protected] February 27, 2016 - 7:49 pm

1 inch and I sew it directly on to the fabric rather than making a tube to feed it through because it lays evenly then. Funnily enough it was the prices in Joules & Boden that horrified me most, £18 for a baby t-shirt! :-O


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